Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Situation Overview

Noteworthy News

Vodafone and IBM Team up to Co-Create for Digital Innovation

Google Gets Fined

SAP Restructuring Could Cost up to $1 Billion

SAP, Adobe, and MS Announce Plans to Expand Their Open Data Initiatives

Spotify Files Anticompetitive Complaint Against Apple in Europe

Network Huawei Taken to Task by U.K. Cybersecurity Watchdog

Uber Pays $2.6 Million Fine in the Netherlands

German "Uber for Busses" Buys Rival

Vodafone Leadership Changes

Policy and Developments

European Commissions Issues Recommendations on the Security of 5G Networks

EU Lawmakers and Policy Makers Agree to New Rules for Online Business and Transactional Platforms

EU Parliament Approves Directive on Copyright Rules

Germany Reminds Everyone It Takes Consumer Privacy and Security Very Seriously

France's Proposed Tax on Big Tech Takes Effect

Paris Goes After Tech

Techlash Zeitgeist Finding Its Way into Policy Proposals in Britain

New Safety Features to Be Required in New Vehicles

Deals Worth Remembering

HCL Helps IBM with Its Strategic Refocus Through Software Acquisition

Energy Companies Put Customers First as They Acquire Capabilities to Handle Energy Fluctuations

AI to Support Health and Diagnosis in U.K. Medical Centers

?1.3 Billion Earmarked to Develop Early Disease Detection Technology in the U.K.

France Gets Another Unicorn

U.K.'s OakNorth Gets Another $440 Million

BMW Group and Daimler Invest $1.1 Billion into Mobility Services

Alianz X Increases Its Digital Investment Fund to EUR1 Billion

Public Sector Transformation

City Transformation and Energy Efficiency Visions for Three Cities

Luxembourg Jumps on Free-Public Transport Bandwagon

Advice for the Technology Supplier

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