Executive Summary
Executive Summary - Volkswagen (VW) Group and TRATON SE
Executive Summary - TRATON Group - Key Facts
Executive Summary - TRATON Global Footprint
Executive Summary - Scania: Top 5 reasons for Leadership
Executive Summary - TRATON Revenue Forecast 2018 and 2025
Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Background
Research Methodology
OEMs Compared in this Study
Strategic Imperatives and Structure of TRATON SE
VW Group and TRATON SE
From Volkswagen Truck and Bus to TRATON SE
TRATON - Evolution
TRATON Listing - A Disappointing Start
TRATON Group - Key Facts
TRATON Global Footprint
Strategic Alliances
R&D Spending
Sales Performance
Global Vehicle Delivery Volume - TRATON and VW CV
TRATON Revenue and Operation Margin
Scania - Top 5 Reasons for Growth and Profit Leadership
Scania - Pillars of Modularization
Scania - Leading Modular Design
Scania NXT - Pinnacle of Modularization
Scania - Thrust on Health, Wellness and Wellbeing (HWW)Technology
Electrification Roadmap
Alternative Powertrain Milestones
TRATON Common Base Engine (13L)
Alternative Powertrain Strategy
TRATON Electric Powertrain Portfolio
Electric Powertrain Profile - VW eDelivery
Electric Powertrain Profile - chargE e-school Bus by IC Bus
NG Powertrain Profile - Scania R410 LNG Trucks
Connected and Shared
TRATON Telematics Offering

RIO - the Digital Platform leading TaaS transformation
RIO's Digitization Efforts - Logistics Flow of Data
TRATON Shared Services
Digitizing Freight Brokerage in Germany
Autonomous Driving Technology
TRATON Autonomous Driving Technology Initiatives
TRATON Platooning Initiative
Volkswagen Automotive Cloud
TRATON Autonomous Driving Ecosystem
Investment Activity
TRATON Key Investments 2009-2020
TRATON Key Investments

Growth Projection 2025
TRATON Revenue Forecast 2018 and 2025
TRATON Unit Sales 2014-2018, 2025 (Projection)-Truck and Bus
Scania Unit Sales 2014-2018, 2025 (Projection)-Engines, Used Truck
Service Revenue 2014-2018, 2025 (Projection)-Connected, Financial
Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1-M&A, JVs in Electric Ecosystem
Strategic Imperatives
Conclusions and Outlook
Key Conclusions and 2025 Outlook
Legal Disclaimer
Upcoming Topics in the Commercial Vehicles Research Program
Legacy Content in the Commercial Vehicles Research Program
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits