Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Chapter 2 Economy Overview
Chapter 3 Summary Trend and KPIs
•Penetration and Growth
•Premiums and Profitability
Chapter 4 Regulatory Risk
• Evolution
• Key Facts
• Licensing Requirements
Chapter 5 Key Trends by Lines of Business - Retail and Commercial
•Lines of Business
•Commercial Line of Business
•Retail Line of Business
Chapter 6 Key Trends by Lines of Business - KPIs, Market Share and Concentration
•Property Insurance
•Motor Insurance
•Liability Insurance
•Financial Lines Insurance
•Marine, Aviation and Transit Insurance
•Personal Accident Insurance
•Other Insurance
Chapter 7 Distribution Overview
Chapter 8 Competitive Landscape
Chapter 9 Competitor Profiles
Chapter 10 Insurtech
Chapter 11 Appendix

Companies Mentioned
- Zilveren Kruis Zorgverzekeringen NV B+A
- OWM CZ groep Zorgverzekeraar U.A.
- VGZ Zorgverzekeraar NV
- Menzis Zorgverzekeraar NV
- Achmea Schadeverzekeringen NV
- Univé Zorg, NV
- ASR Schadeverzekering NV
- Nationale-Nederlanden Schadeverzekering Maatschappij NV
- De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar NV
- O.W.M. Zorgverz. Zorg en Zekerheid UA