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1. By 2023, Only 30% of Mobile Network Traffic Will Have Been Carried by 5G.

2. 25% of "White Space" Offerings Combining Digital Services Will Significantly Drive Revenue Growth and Partners.

3. By 2024, Over 52% of IT Spending in Thailand Will Have Been Directly Allocated for DX.

4. By 2023, Thailand's SMBs Will Have Represented Over 17% of the Total IT Spend and Effective Application Development and Deployment Will Have Risen in Importance.

5. By 2023, 55% of Consumers in Thailand Will Have Used Voice, Images, And AR for Interacting with Brands with Their Mobile Devices, Extending Physical and Digital Experiences.

6. By 2021, "Digital Coworker" Contributions Will Have Increased by 25% in Thailand, As More Tasks Were Automated and Augmented by Technology including AI, Robotics, AR/VR, and Intelligent Process Automation.

7. By 2022, Ecosystem Connectivity Will Have Driven 75% of Thailand's Major Insurers to Collaborate with Insurtechs.

8. By 2023, the Rise in Cyberthreats and Needed New Functionality Will Have Driven 40% of Thailand's Enterprises to Modernize Their Legacy Systems with New Technology/Platform Investments.

9. By 2021, New FoW Practices Will Have Expanded the Functionality and Effectiveness of the Digital Workforce by 20%, Fueling Acceleration of Productivity and Innovation Within Practicing Organizations in Thailand.

10. By 2023, 60% of T100 Organizations Will Have Invested in the Automation, Orchestration, and Development of Life-Cycle Management of Cloud-Native Applications and Platforms.


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