Executive Summary
Executive Summary - Outlook by Logistics Segments
Key Findings - Top Predictions for 2020

Executive Summary - Opportunities with Digital Technologies

Research Scope and Methodology
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Logistics Industry Segments
2020 Global Economic Outlook
Global Economy in 2019-Top Trends
Global Economic Outlook 2020-Top Predictions

2020 World GDP Growth Snapshot
Advanced Economies - Key Predictions for 2020
Emerging Economies - Key Predictions for 2020
2020 Growth Opportunities - Top 3 Opportunities by Region
2020 Regional Trends - GDP Growth, Risks, and Policy
India - Economic and Trade Indicators
Indian Economic Outlook 2020-Key Data Highlights
Indian Economy in 2019-Top 5 Trends
India Economic Outlook 2020-Top 5 Predictions

India Logistics Market
Economic Sectors and Share of Logistics Services
India Logistics Market Size Forecast
India Ranked 44th in the Logistics Performance Index 2018
Growth Prospects and Industry Structure by Segments
3PL Market in India
Major Industrial Clusters in India
Warehousing Market in India
Emerging Warehouse Technologies in India
eCommerce Logistics Market in India
eCommerce Retail Drivers and Retail Logistics Landscape
Cold Chain Logistics Market in India
Freight Market Trends
India Freight Traffic Forecast
Sea Freight in India
Sea Freight - The Road Ahead
Road Freight in India
Rail Freight in India
Air Freight in India
Key Enablers and Constraints for the Indian Freight Industry
Key Trends Affecting the Industry
Latest Government Regulations Set to Streamline Logistics

Key Start-ups and Their Capabilities
Key Challenges
Business Models - Emerging eCommerce Models
Digital Transformation in the Entire Logistics Ecosystem
Disruptive Innovations
Impact of Digital Technologies in the Logistics Ecosystem
Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunities in Technology-led Transformation
Growth Opportunity - Logistics
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
The Last Word
The Last Word
Legal Disclaimer
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