1.1. Market summary
1.2. Key findings
1.3. Critical success factors

2.1. The 5.2 million HNW investors who are of retirement age present a lucrative opportunity
2.1.1. Many HNW investors already have access to their pension assets
2.1.2. The opportunity is not spread equally across the globe
2.2. 31.6% of HNW individuals will be of retirement age within the next 10 years
2.2.1. 3.9 million HNW individuals will gain access to their pension assets within the next 10 years
2.2.2. Offering pension advice is critical in China due to the massive pre-retirement demographic

3.1. Offering pension advice is critical as more players enter the market
3.1.1. 65% of wealth managers in the HNW space offer pension and retirement planning, but many do so via partnerships
3.1.2. New entrants pose an additional threat to assets under management
3.2. Demand for pension planning services varies considerably across countries
3.2.1. A lack of trust in the government and the economy underpins HNW demand for international pensions in South Africa
3.2.2. German HNW investors regard pension planning as an integral part of the wealth planning process as they believe theRiester and Rüruppensions to be insufficient
3.2.3. The prevalence of SMSFs provides a significant opportunity in Australia
3.2.4. The sizable number of HNW expats living in the Philippines will appreciate international pension advice
3.2.5. Pension advice in the HNW space cannot ignore the sizable entrepreneur segment

4.1. Convenience and tax considerations are driving demand for pension products
4.2. Tax considerations are the number one driver for pension advice
4.2.1. Pension, tax, and inheritance planning go hand in hand
4.2.2. Passing on wealth in a tax-efficient way is also a driver in countries with no inheritance taxes
4.2.3. Tax advantages for current income are critical in high-tax France
4.3. The convenience of a readymade pension portfolio represents a strong draw for HNW investors
4.3.1. However, one strategy does not fit all
4.3.2. Chinese providers looking to attract pension assets need to focus on the convenience aspect
4.4. Other drivers include compulsory contributions, advisor recommendations, and low costs
4.4.1. The comparatively low importance of compulsory contributions as a pension driver suggests that HNW pension allocations significantly exceed the required minimum
4.4.2. HNW investors do not tend to rely on advisors for pension advice
4.4.3. Lower costsare only a minor driver, butthe emergence of new business models will apply cost pressures

5.1. Private pension product penetration rises with level of affluence
5.1.1. 67.6% of mass affluent individuals hold private pension products
5.1.2. Private pension penetration peaks among Generation X, but millennials represent the next big opportunity


List of Tables
Table 1: Total asset range table for Australian SMSFs, 2016-17
Table 2: Why do HNW clients invest via a pension product/scheme, as opposed to other investments?, 2019 (1 of 2)
Table 3: Why do HNW clients invest via a pension product/scheme, as opposed to other investments?, 2019 (2 of 2)

List of Figures
Figure 1: In the US, 2.8million HNW individuals are of retirement age - accounting for the bulk of the region's opportunity
Figure 2: Almost a third of HNW individuals globally will reach retirement age within the next decade
Figure 3: HNW demand for pension planning is particularly pronounced in South Africa and New Zealand
Figure 4: German HNW investors are looking for sophisticated pension products
Figure 5: Tax considerations are a major driver of HNW pension allocations
Figure 6: Inheritance tax considerations are an important pension product driver in the UK
Figure 7: While underutilized,reducing income tax liabilities is the main driver for pension investments in France
Figure 8: Convenience as a driver for pensions is of particular importance in developing markets
Figure 9: Compulsory contributions are a key factor in most of the surveyed countries
Figure 10: Private pension penetration rises with affluence
Figure 11: Retirement savings are a major concern for Canadian investors
Figure 12: Zuper pursues a crowd-powered strategy to differentiate itself among millennial investors
Figure 13: Globally 57.4% of GenerationX hold private pension products
Figure 14: Millennials show strong interest in banking apps that allow access to non-traditional services

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- Wealthfront
- Zuper
- Charles Schwab
- Equip