Executive Summary
1.1 Scope of the Research
1.2 Research Methodology

1.3 Key Findings
Industry Overview
2.1 Drug-device Combination Products Improving Delivery of Drugs or Therapeutics Efficacy of the Device
2.2 Segmentation of Drug-device Combination Based on Product Type
2.3 Segmentation of Drug-device Combination Based on Application Type
2.4 Growth Opportunity: Drug-device Combinations Improving Performance of Medical Devices
2.5 Growth Opportunity:Drug-device Combination Improves Patients’ Acceptance of Medication
Drug-device Combination Product: Innovation Tracker 3.1 Innovations in Drug-eluting Stents
3.1.1 Drug-eluting Stent to Address the Challenge of in-stent Restenosis
3.1.2 Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent with Ultrathin Strut
3.1.3 Zotarolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System
3.1.4 Paclitaxel-eluting Vascular Stent System
3.1.5 Key Companies in Drug-eluting Stent Innovations
3.1.6 The US Leads Patent Activity for Drug-eluting Stents
3.1.7Key Recent Patents in Drug-eluting Stents to Check
3.2 Innovations in Drug-eluting Contact Lens
3.2.1 Drug-eluting Lens Presenting Growth Opportunities to Replace Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
3.2.2 Drug-eluting Clear Corneal Bandage Lens
3.2.3 Antihistamine-releasing Contact Lens for Ocular Allergy
3.2.4 Digital Printed Drug Layers on Contact Lens for Glaucoma Therapy
3.2.5 Digital-eluting Lens for Treating Corneal Pathologies
3.2.6 Moderate to Low Patent Activity of Drug-eluting Contact Lens with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., Showing High Activity
3.2.7 Key Recent Drug-eluting Contact Lens Patents to Check
3.3 Innovations in Drug-eluting Bandages
3.3.1 Drug-eluting Wound Care Devices Provide Faster Healing and Eliminate Infections
3.3.2 Chitosan-based Wound Dressing for Hemostatic Effect
3.3.3 Kaolin-based Hemostatic Dressing for Emergency Medical Service
3.3.4 Antimicrobial Impregnated Wound Care Dressings to Avoid Wound Infections
3.3.5 Silver, Iodine, Copper Ions for Antimicrobial Activity in Wound Care Bandages
3.3.6 IP Activity of Drug Releasing Wound Care Bandages/Dressings
3.3.7 Key Recent Drug-eluting Kens Patents to Check
3.4 Drug-eluting Orthopedic Implant
3.4.1 Drug-eluting Orthopedic Implants Offering Better Osteointegration and Protection from Infection
3.4.2 Calcium Scaffold Carrying Antibiotic for Infection Management
3.4.3 Peptide-based Bone Graft for Faster Repair
3.4.4. Doxycycline-eluting Synthetic Bone Substitute
3.4.5 Key Research on Drug-coated Orthopedic Implants
3.4.6 Patent Activity of Drug-loaded Orthopedic Devices Dominated by the US Patents
3.4.7 Key Recent Drug Loaded Bone Scaffold Patents to Check
Emerging Technology Roadmap and Growth Opportunity
4.1 Emerging Technology Roadmap of Drug-eluting Stents (DES)
4.2 Future of Coronary Stents: Gene Eluting Stents to Overcome Restenosis and Late-stent Thrombosis Challenges
4.3 Drug-eluting Lens Envisions Sensor Technology Convergence into its Product
4.4 Smart Wound Dressing Including Sensor Technology Innovations
4.5 Nanotechnology to Improve the Regenerative Properties of Drug-eluting Bone Scaffold
4.6 Business Growth Opportunities - Patient Centric, Patient Specific, and Cost-effective Imaging Redefining Future of Therapy
4.7 Strategic Imperatives for the Future of the Drug-device Combination Products
Key Industry Contacts
5.1 Key Industry Contacts
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