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Exhibit 1: Iran's Performance in terms of its Country Risk Analysis in Comparison to the Middle East and North Africa and the World
Exhibit 2: Performance Overview (Score: 1-100)
Exhibit 3: Broad Categories and Weights Behind the Index
Exhibit 4: TEPIX Index
Exhibit 5: Key Sectors Contribution to the Economy (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 6: FDI flows (2016-2020) and Greenfield Investment (2015-2019)
Exhibit 7: Key Infrastructure Indicators
Exhibit 8: Real GDP and Household Consumption Growth Rate (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 9: Real GDP Growth Rate Comparison (2020)
Exhibit 10: Exports and Imports Volume Growth (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 11: Current Account Balance (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 12: Top Three Commodity Exports, % of Total Exports (2017-2020)
Exhibit 13: Mineral Fuels, Mineral Oils and Products of Their Distillation, % Share of the World's Total (2018)
Exhibit 14: Interest Rates (May 2016-May 2021)
Exhibit 15: Exchange Rate (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 16: Public Finance (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 17: General Government Debt (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 18: Employment/Unemployment (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 19: Average Annual Wages (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 20: Male and Female Share in Labor Force (2016-2023f)
Exhibit 21: Rural/Urban Share of Total Population (2005, 2015, 2025)
Exhibit 22: Age-group Share of Total Population (2005, 2015, 2025)
Exhibit 23: Gender Split (2005, 2015, 2025)
Exhibit 24: Internet Users as a Percentage of the Total Population, Mobile Penetration Rate and Broadband Penetration Rate (2020)
Exhibit 25: Number of Patents Granted Per Million Population (2020)
Exhibit 26: High-Technology Exports (% Of Manufactured Exports) (2019)
Exhibit 27: Doing Business in Iran 2020
Exhibit 28: Corruption Perception Index (Rankings) (2020)
Exhibit 29: CO2 Emissions (2016-2019)

Companies Mentioned
- Saipa