List of Exhibits
Executive Summary
Section 1: FMC Portfolio Definition, Evolution, and
FMC Definition and Overview
Telco Convergence Models
Section 2: FMC Status, Portfolios, and Strategies for Telcos in the Americas
FMC Status in the Americas
FMC Selected Portfolios
FMC Growth Strategies
Section 3: Case Studies
Verizon US
Telecom Argentina
Claro Brazil
Section 4: Key Takeaways and Recommendations
Key Takeaways
Key Recommendations
Companies Mentioned
Related Research
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List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Typical Conditions for FMC Development
Exhibit 2: Generic Phases of Market Development & Examples of Product Bundle
Exhibit 3: Key Telco Convergence Models
Exhibit 4: FMC Household Penetration by Region
Exhibit 5: Operator FMC Portfolios
Select Telcos
Exhibit 6: FMC Growth Strategies Harnessed by Telcos in the Americas
Exhibit 7: Verizon's FMC Offerings
Exhibit 8: Telecom Argentina's FMC Offerings
Exhibit 9: Claro Brazil's FMC Offerings

Companies Mentioned
- CNT Ecuador
- Rogers Canada
- Movistar Argentina
- Verizon
- Claro Brazil
- Bell Canada
- Xfinity
- Telecom Argentina
- Comcast
- OI Brazil
- Tigo Paraguay