1 Huawei's Automotive Involvement
1.1 Introduction to Huawei Technologies
1.2 Huawei Solutions for Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV)
1.3 Huawei's Strategic Planning for Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV)
1.4 Huawei's Intelligent Vehicle Product Layout and Partners
1.5 Huawei's Focus on Essential Elements of Digital Platform
1.6 Huawei Computation and Communication Architecture
1.7 CCA and Three Domain Control Platforms
1.8 Huawei Cross-domain Integration Software Architecture and Three Onboard Operating Systems
1.9 Huawei Vehicle Control OS
1.10 Huawei Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) Partners
1.11 Huawei's Successful Applications in Automobile

2 Huawei's Efforts in Internet of Vehicle (IoV), Cloud Services and Cockpit
2.1 Introduction to Hicar
2.2 Hicar 4S and Open Strategy
2.3 Hicar Screen Projection Solution Different from Connectivity 1.0
2.4 Hicar's Edges over CarPlay
2.5 Hicar Carrying
2.6 Automated Driving Cloud Services
2.7 HD Map and IoV Cloud Services
2.8 ‘Battery, Motor, Electric Control' Cloud Services and V2X Cloud Services
2.9 Huawei CDC Smart Cockpit Platform
2.10 Huawei 5G Smart Cockpit
2.11 Huawei 4.5G LTE-V Onboard Terminal
2.12 Huawei Ethernet Gateway
2.13 Huawei Infotainment Module and Smart Cockpit Development Platform
2.14 Huawei Ultralow Reflective Display Screen
2.15 Huawei Smart Cockpit HD Cameras and Cockpit Microphone Array Module

3 Huawei's Efforts in Autonomous Driving
3.1 Huawei ADS Automated Driving Full Stack Solution
3.2 Huawei Automated Driving Path: Classified by Scenarios
3.3 Huawei MDC Automated Driving (AD) Computing Platform
3.3.1 MDC Computing Platform Architecture
3.3.2 MDC Software Platform
3.3.3 MDC Platform Development Toolset
3.3.4 MDC Hardware Platform
3.3.5 MDC Hardware Platform: MDC600 & MDC300
3.3.6 Scenarios Where MDC300 Gets Applied
3.3.7 MDC Hardware Platform: MDC610 and MDC210
3.3.8 MDC Core 2.0
3.4 Autonomous Driving Simulation Platform -- Octopus
3.4.1 Octopus Availability in Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha City in Huanan
3.5 Huawei Layout in Perception Layer
3.5.1 Huawei 77GHz Radar
3.5.2 Huawei LiDAR 2.0
3.5.3 Huawei 8M Forward Stereo Camera - Super Fisheye
3.5.4 Huawei Millimeter-wave Imaging Radar
3.6 Huawei Commercial Vehicle Automated Driving
3.6.1 To Empower Automation Scenarios for Commercial Vehicle and Special Vehicle
3.6.2 Huawei Solutions for Commercial Vehicle
3.7 Summary of Huawei Autonomous Driving (AD) Business

4 Huawei V2X Business Layout
4.1 Introduction to Huawei V2X Business
4.2 V2X Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) Products
4.3 V2XCooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) Product Planning
4.4 Roadside CVIS Solutions
4.5 Commercial C-V2X Solution RSU
4.6 RSU 5201
4.7 RSU 6201
4.8 Huawei's Forecast of Global Intelligent Lamp Pole Market
4.9 Huawei Communication Module and T-Box
4.9.1 5G On-board Module MH5000
4.9.2 5G Multimodal Terminal Chip Balong 5000
4.9.3 Huawei T-Box Solution
4.9.4 IoT Platform OceanConnect
4.9.5 Application of Huawei T-Box

5 Huawei's Presence in Electrification
5.1 VDC Intelligent Electric Platform
5.2 Multi-into-one Electric Drive System -- DriveONE
5.3 Huawei Onboard Charging System
5.4 HUAWEI HiCharger
5.5 Electric Drive Product Roadmap

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