The Strategic Imperative 8™
Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Strategic Imperative 8™ on the Automotive Industry
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Industry Overview
Shifting Landscape - CASE Convergence
Focus on Electrification

Platform-based Approach to CASE
Three Key Platform Types
EV Platforms
Existing EV Platform Derivatives
Platform Efficiency
Business Model Overview
Business Models
Summary of Business Model Approaches

OEM Case studies
Competitive Landscape - Focus Areas
Competitive Landscape - Focus Areas for Traditional OEMs

GM's Autonomy
Volkswagen's MEB
REE Platform
Factors Driving the Platform Approach
P/F Momentum - Cost, Access to Technology, and Time to Market are Strategic Rationales
Outsourcing Model - OEMs' Interim Strategies to Gain Access to Timely and Vital Knowledge
Monet - Example of a Completely Integrated Platform (P/F + E/E + S/W + Vehicle + Mobility OS)
Silver Bullet - P/F that Integrates Hardware and Software Along with Data Analysis Capability

OEMs/Engineering Communities - Use P/Fs in a Strategic Way to Communicate their Portfolios
Advantages of the P/F Approach
P/F Strategies - Provision of Both Cost and R&D Versus Business Model Only (Maas, for Example)
Final Product - Digital Rolling Chassis (Electrically Driven Chassis)
Core Objective - Allow OEMs to Focus on Self-Drive Systems and the Development of Fleet Operations
P/F Disruption Impact for Tier I Companies
Disruptive Proposition - P/F Providers are Positioning Themselves as One-stop Shops
Roadblocks to P/F Adoption
Roadblock - Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Economies of Scale

Total Addressable Market
Total Addressable Market
Role of Tier I Suppliers
Varied Roles of Market Participants
Levels of Engagement
Levels of Engagement (1 to 7)
P/F Impact on Braking Systems
P/F Impact on Braking Systems - Integrated Module
P/F Impact on Braking Systems
P/F Impact on Steering Systems
P/F Impact on Steering Systems - Steer-by-wire Module
P/F Impact on Steering Systems - Steer-by-wire Development
Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1-Modularity, Scalability, and Built-in Fail-operational Capabilities will Need to Become Core Attributes of Future EV/AD Platforms

Growth Opportunity 2-Platform Licensing will Help OEMs Recover the High Investment Made in P/F Development

Next Steps
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