Executive Summary
1.1 Scope of the Research
1.2 Research Methodology

Industry Overview
2.1 Technology Overview
2.2 Alert Fatigue, Diagnostic Errors and Fragmented Clinicians Workflow are Prominent Limitations of Traditional CDSS Platforms
2.3 Technology Segmentation for Advanced CDSS Platforms
2.4 Addressing Alert Fatigue and Surgical Variability Through CDSS Solutions Using Evidence-based Reference Content
2.5 CDSS Platforms Facilitating Enhanced Workflows and Revenue Optimization Through Automated Clinical Documentation and Medical Coding
2.6 CDSS Tools Leveraging Patient Health Data Sourced from Different Medical Devices to Improve Health Outcomes at Point-of-care
2.7 Application Analysis: Increasing Application Areas Offer Lucrative Growth Opportunities for Companies Developing Advanced CDSS Platforms
Companies to Action3.1 Clinical Guidelines and Evidence-based Solutions
3.1.1 Clinical Guidelines and Evidence-based CDSS Tool for Providing Optimal Therapy Options for Patients
3.1.2 Other Notable Clinical Guidelines and Evidence-based CDSS Platforms
3.2 Medical Workflow Solutions
3.2.1 Procedure Documentation Solutions for Facilitating Uninterrupted Medical Workflow
3.2.2 Other Notable CDSS Medical Workflow Platforms
3.3 Point-of-care Solutions
3.3.1 Point-of-care CDSS Platform for Improving Disease Management in the Patients
3.3.2 Other Notable CDSS Point-of-care Solutions
Advanced CDSS Case Studies
4.1 Improved Sepsis Diagnosis and Treatment Through Clinical Guidelines and Evidence-based CDSS Tool
4.2 Enhancing Clinical Productivity and Care Delivery Through Procedure Documentation Platform
4.3 CDSS Point-of-care Solutions Facilitating Improvement in Healthcare Costs Through Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions
Funding and Partnerships Assessment
5.1 Analysis of National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funding for Advanced CDSS Tools
5.2 Funding Assessment for Advanced CDSS Tools
5.3 Strategic Industry-Industry and Industry-Academia Partnerships for Developing New CDSS Platforms, and Enhancing Functionalities and Improving Access of Existing Ones
5.4 Acquisitions of CDSS Participants by Digital Health and Private Investment Firms for Improving Product Portfolio
Growth Opportunities
6.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Addressing Transparency Issues to Improve CDSS Platforms Adoption Among Healthcare Providers

6.2 Growth Opportunity 2: CDSS Platforms for Decreasing Hospital Readmissions and Enhancing Patient Care in Home Care Settings
6.2 Growth Opportunity 2: CDSS Platforms for Decreasing Hospital Readmissions and Enhancing Patient Care in Home Care Settings (Continued)
Analyst Insights and Patent Analysis
7.1 Using EHR Metadata for Refining Alerts Generated by CDSS Platforms
7.2 Leveraging Information from CDSS Tools and other Data Sources to Forecast Future Disease Outbreaks
7.3 Key Patents to Check

Key Contacts
8.1 Key Contacts
Next Steps
9.1 Your Next Steps
9.2 Why Frost, Why Now?
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