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Situation Overview

Strategic Customer Partnerships (Customer as Partner) and Industry Ecosystems

Company Overview

Company Strategy

Purpose-Led Business Driving Ecosystem Strategy

TCS' Ecosystem Services Portfolio

TCS' DeXAM Platform

Customer-led Ecosystem Business Models

Horizontal Ecosystems

Vertical Ecosystems

Vitality: Leveraged Ecosystem for Health InsuranceSmart Ticketing and Payment Experience: Seamless Travel EcosystemDamen Shipyards: Data Ecosystem with the Ship as the Digital PlatformCargotec Cranes: Cloud-Based Data Ecosystem with Cargo Handling Equipment as a Digital Platform Data

Industry Utility Ecosystems

Ecosystem Enabling

DNB: Ecosystem-Enabling Vipps

Convening Cross-Industry Ecosystems

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre and Elisa Smart FactoryIrish HANDS (Healthy Ageing for a New Digital Society) Project

Convening Non-Competing Industry Ecosystems

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Advice for TCS

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