Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

The Cost of Unplanned Downtime Versus Investing in APM

Why APM Now?

Embarking on the APM Journey

Road Maps Are Critical to Bring Together Process and Technology Changes

Operationalizing a Predictive Platform

Enabling Predictive and Prescriptive Capabilities

Enabling Real-Time Monitoring

Centralized Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Data Capabilities Are Central Success Factors

A Coordinated Technology Strategy

A Supportive Talent Strategy

Advice for the Technology Buyer

6 Steps to Starting Your APM Journey

Step 1: Clarify Your Asset Operations Strategy

Step 2: Develop a Road Map with Cross-Stakeholder Buy-In

Step 3: Determine Minimum Viable Capabilities

Step 4: Choose the Right APM Platform

Step 5: Build Operational Data Capabilities

Step 6: Create an APM Implementation Checklist


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