IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Broaden Your CX Positioning to Operations and Employee Experience

Make Customer Data Platforms Central to Your Positioning

Emphasize Key Technologies/Functionalities

Amp Up Your Customer Success Program

Shore Up Germany, the U.K., and France; Seek Incremental Revenue in Central and Eastern Europe

Market Forecast

Market Context

Drivers and Inhibitors


Digital is Leveling the Playing Field

Demanding Customers

Blending of the Physical and Digital ("Phygital")


Privacy and Compliance Enforcement

Market Maturity

Significant Market Developments

"Digital First" Is the New Black

CX Is Now Central to Differentiation

The End of Cookies and the Rise of Zero- and First-Party Data

CX 2.0: Business Experience and the Rise of the Customer-Centric Organization

Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition


Forecast Information Sources

Forecasting Process

Company-Level Data Collection

Exchange Rates

Related Research