Research Objectives and Methodology
Research Objectives
Research Methodology
Sample Distribution by Country
Respondent and Organization Profile
Respondent Profile - Decision-making Authority
Respondent Profile - Familiarity with IT Budget
Respondent Profile - Involvement in IT-related Purchases
Organization Profile - Industry Segments
Organization Profile - Size of the Organization
Annual 2019 Revenue of the Organization
Estimated Change in Organization Revenue of 2020
Summary of Key Findings
Summary of Key Findings

Digital Transformation Strategies
Key Business Goals
Top IT-related Challenges
Current Stage of Digital Transformation Strategy
Hurdles to Purchasing Transformative Technologies
Priority Departments for Digital Transformation Investment
Digital Transformation Success Measurement
Departments Driving the Adoption of Digital Solutions
COVID-19 Impact
Impact of COVID-19 on the Organization

Top Countries with Low Employee Morale Due to COVID-19
Top IT Challenges in Supporting Remote Work
COVID-19's Impact on Technology Investments
COVID-19's Impact on Digital Transformation Objectives
COVID-19's Impact on Technology to Monitor Office Safety
COVID-19's Impact on Technologies for Remote Workers
COVID-19's Impact on Physical Office Space and Real Estate
Technology Prioritization Planned After COVID-19
Organization Focus After COVID-19
Future of Work
Current Work-from-Home Status
Workplace Evolution Over the Next Year
Carpeted Offices within Organizations
Future Office Space Expectations
Future Investment in Open Offices
Future Investment Prioritization
Cloud Migration
Future Deployment in the Cloud
Cloud or Cloud Communications Provider Selection
Communications and Collaboration - Overall
Use of Communications and Collaboration Tools
Communications and Collaboration Tools Deployment
Communications and Collaboration Solutions Investment Drivers
Factors Determining Not to Invest in Communications and Collaboration Technologies
Communications and Collaboration Environments
Video Collaboration Trends
Technologies Used in Meeting Rooms Today
Video Technologies Used in Huddle/Small Meeting Rooms Today
Video Technologies Used in Mid-to-large Meeting Rooms Today
Videoconferencing Solutions Usage
Factors for Room Videoconferencing Device Purchases
Features Lacking in Room Videoconferencing Devices
AI and Big Data Analytics Trends
Top Reasons for AI Investments
Importance of AI to Enhance Enterprise Communications and Contact Center Capabilities
Anticipated Benefits of Using AI to Enhance Business Communications and Contact Center Capabilities
Risks of Using AI
Top Purchase Factors in Selecting Big Data Analytics Solutions
Features Lacking in Big Data Analytics Solutions
Mobile Worker Applications and Devices
Number of Mobile Apps Provided to Employees
Plans to Introduce Additional Mobile Apps
Worker Categories Equipped with Mobile Apps
Tactics to Encourage Mobile App Usage
Unauthorized Mobile App Usage
Top Reasons for Providing Mobile Apps to Employees
Top Reasons for Not Providing Apps to Employees
Importance of Mobile App Use
Company Support for BYOD
Support for Personally Owned Mobile Devices
Support for Mobile Operating Systems
Expectations for BYOD Implementation
Usage of Mobile Devices
Preferred Strategic Partner for Mobile Apps
Top Potential Benefit of 5G Connectivity
Awareness of 5G Network Slicing Capabilities
Mobile App Deployment Preferences
Mobile App Partner Selection Criteria
Value of Integrated Web Portals to Track Mobile Resources
Communications and Collaboration - Investment Factors
Communications and Collaboration Investment Factors
COVID-19's Impact on Revenue of 2020
Estimated Change in IT/Telecom Budgets in 2021
Percent of Revenue Allocated to IT/Telecom Budgets
Growth Opportunities for Communications and Collaboration Solution Providers
Growth Opportunities
List of Exhibits

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