Strategic Imperatives
Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the North American Wiper Blades Aftermarket Industry
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Growth Opportunity Analysis
Scope of Analysis
Market Segmentation
Key Competitors
Key Growth Metrics
Distribution Channels
Growth Drivers for the Wiper Blades Aftermarket
Growth Restraints for the Wiper Blades Aftermarket
Forecast Assumptions
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast
Revenue Forecast by Product
Revenue Forecast Analysis
Unit Shipment Forecast by Product
Pricing Trends and Forecast Analysis
Competitive Environment
Revenue Share
Revenue Share Analysis
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Conventional Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Conventional Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Conventional Blades
Forecast Analysis, Conventional Blades
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Beam Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Beam Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Beam Blades
Forecast Analysis, Beam Blades
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Hybrid Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Hybrid Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Hybrid Blades
Forecast Analysis, Hybrid Blades
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Rear Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Rear Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Rear Blades
Forecast Analysis, Rear Blades
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Winter Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Winter Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Winter Blades
Forecast Analysis, Winter Blades
Growth Opportunity Analysis,Specialty Blades
Key Growth Metrics, Specialty Blades
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast, Specialty Blades
Forecast Analysis, Specialty Blades
Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1-Private Labeling for Market Share Growth

Growth Opportunity 2-Brand Licensing to Build Credibility With Customers

Growth Opportunity 3-Focus on Direct Import for Cost Advantages

Growth Opportunity 4-Premium Products Specialization to Enhance Profitability

Growth Opportunity 5-Establishing Joint Ventures to Support Low-cost Production

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