Research Objectives and Methodology
Research Objectives
Research Methodology
Respondent and Organization Profile
Respondent Profile - Decision-Making Authority
Organization Profile - Industry Segments
Organization Profile - Size of Organization
Share of Revenue for IT/Telecom Budgets
Summary of Key Findings
Summary of Key Findings

Digital Transformation Strategies
Current Stage of Digital Transformation Strategy
Hurdles to Purchasing Transformative Technologies
Priority Departments for Digital Transformation Investment
Departments Driving the Adoption of Digital Solutions
Future Investment Prioritization
Transformative Technologies' Investment Factors
Covid-19 Impact
Covid-19 Impact on Digital Transformation Strategy
Covid-19 Impact on Digital Transformation Objectives
Impact of Covid-19 on the Organization
Covid-19 Impact on Technologies for Remote Workers
Top IT Challenges in Supporting Remote Work
Covid-19 Impact on Technology to Monitor Office Safety
Covid-19 Impact on Physical Office Space and Real Estate
Future of Work
Current Work from Home Status
Workplace Evolution Over Next Year
Carpeted Offices Within Organizations
Expectations About Future of Office Spaces
Future Investment in Open Offices
Cloud Migration
Future Deployment “In the Cloud”
Cloud or Cloud Communications Provider Selection
Technology Prioritization Planned Post Covid-19
Communication and Collaboration - Overall
Communication and Collaboration Tools Used Today
Communication and Collaboration Tools Deployment
Key Drivers for Investing in Communication and Collaboration
Factors Determining No Investment/Use of C&C
Communication and Collaboration Solutions
Video Collaboration Trends
Technologies Used in Meeting Rooms Today
Video Technologies Used in Meeting Small Rooms Today
Video Technologies Used in Meeting Mid/Large Rooms Today
Solutions - Video Conferencing Solutions
Top Features When Purchasing Room Video Conferencing Devices
Features Lacking in Room Video Conferencing Devices
Communications and Collaboration - Investment Factors
Communication & Collaboration Investment Factors
Covid-19 Impact on Revenue 2020
Estimated Change in IT/Telecom Budgets in 2021
Growth Opportunities forCommunications and Collaboration Solution Providers
Growth Opportunities
List of Exhibits

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