1. Overall Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Market
Market by Type
Cultivators, hoes, scarifiers and weeders
Disc harrows
Fertilizer distributors and manure spreaders
Planters, transplanters and seeders
Other soil preparation and cultivation machinery
Parts for soil preparation and cultivation machinery
Powered lawn mowers with horizontal cutting device
Other powered lawn mowers
Hay mowers and cutter bars
Hay tedders, rakes and other haymaking machines
Fodder and straw balers
Combine harvester-threshers
Tuber and root harvesting machines
Other harvesting and threshing machinery
Poultry incubators and brooders
Other poultry-keeping machinery
Parts for poultry-keeping machinery
Pedestrian controlled tractors
Other wheeled tractors
Agricultural trailers
Agricultural sprays and powder dispersers
Milking machines
Machines for preparing animal feeding stuffs
Machines for sorting, cleaning and grading fruits, eggs, grain, seeds, dried leguminous vegetables and other agricultural products
Other agricultural and forestry machinery
Parts for agricultural and forestry machinery

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