Find valuable tips to save time and get the most out of ReportLinker!

1. Get all types of data in one location

Get all types of data in one location

2. Access to industry statistics & top economic indicators across sectors

Access to industry statistics Access to top economic indicators across sectors

3. Get the latest reports with insights from top research analysts

Get the latest reports with insights from top research analysts Explore millions of economic data

4. Uncover a wealth of authoritative sector sources

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

What is ReportLinker?

ReportLinker is a Research, Tech-Driven Company that helps you get industry insights by guiding you through:

  • 1. Thousands of statistics with time series, graphs, tables etc
  • 2. Key indicators across diverse sectors
  • 3. Millions of Market reports & analysis

Our team of highly experienced economic analysts are tasked with searching, processing and targeting the most relevant information, by source, sector and series. They convert data & insights into a structured and indexed database - offering you access to a whole universe of ready-to-use insights. Our index is updated every day. As a result, more than 350 industries & 3,000 sub-industries are covered by our reports and data sets.

What services do you offer?

We offer different services and are sure to have the best option for you based on your requirements. You can choose between the following:

  • — Standard Public Database - statistics & reports (monthly or yearly access)
  • — Premium Public Database - statistics & reports + exclusive content and features (ie - global, regional & country level forecasts to 2023 for over 350 sectors) for more information, contact our business development team
  • — Private Database, containing Pay-as-you-go Reports (produced by private companies and publishers)

What is the difference between the Public and the Private database?

1. Public Documents - access through a subscription.

Our self-service Public database compiles documents & market reports containing industry statistics issued by public sources such as governments, embassies, unions etc.

It offers two types of data:

  • — Industry statistics from 20,000 Official Sources
  • — Public reports & slideshows with insights from top research analysts

By subscribing to our Public Database, you will be able to verify as many of the public documents, PDF and open datasets as you like. Before subscribing, you can view a short description of the document under the title.

2. Private Reports - browse before buying Pay-As-You-Go.

It references private reports produced by private companies and publishers. These are individually priced Pay-As-You-Go reports. The analytics and data are comprehensive and offer current trends on the industry market. Private reports are sold on an individual basis based on user seats (1 user license up to corporate-wide license).

For each private report, you can review in detail the Table of Contents and the report summary. You can order the report and you will receive it by email (unless specified hard copy). You can also rely on the advice of one of our Research Specialists help to choose the best report for you.

How will ReportLinker save me time?

Normal search results index open source articles, newspaper columns, and Wiki entries. ReportLinker indexes market research, industry documents and industry statistics, thereby eliminating the need to scour hundreds of Google or Bing pages. We structure, filter, and give you direct access to all available documents through a results page, saving you precious time.

Do I really have unlimited access to the documents and industry statistics with the public subscription?

Yes! Once you subscribe, we will suggest different reports with a short description and the link allowing you to access the document directly. Once there, you can verify, store and print the document. You can consult as many documents as you wish, as long as your subscription is still running. For the industry statistics section, simply choose the indicator of interest and get access to all corresponding datasets. Please note that the Private Pay-As-You-Go Reports are not included in the subscription.

Which browsers are supported?

All of them! Although you’ll get better results if you use Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

What format do the documents come in?

Mainly in Adobe Pdf. You can also get Word and PowerPoint documents. It depends on the original format in which the document was uploaded. For the datasets .png download is available. Excel download is available with the Premium Level Only.

How can I contact you?

For any request, Contact Us. Here you will be able to send us any request and we will work on it!

We are based in France. Our offices are open from 9am to 7pm GMT +1 (9 hours earlier than US West Coast Time), however, you can contact us by mail to and we will answer your query in less than 24 hours.

Subscribing to

How can I start using ReportLinker?

You can access and browse the database by subscribing to our service online. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by invoice or you are an organisation with a sustained need for market research, we have the yearly subscription available. Enquire about yearly access here

Create My Account to start using ReportLinker.

Please note that some functionalities and information are available with the Premium Level only. If you are interested in getting more information send us an email to

Which payment methods do you take?

We offer a wide range of solutions:

  • — You can use Visa, Mastercard or Amex card
  • — You can use Paypal, who accept a wide range of additional cards (Diners for example)
  • — You can pay by check / bank transfer*
  • — You can pay by invoice*

Paying online with a credit card is easy and safe. Our secure server encrypts all submitted information.

*The payment by check, bank transfer and invoice concern only the Private Reports, Yearly Access and Premium Version. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives who will send you an order form. Please send us an email to

Which is the difference between the Standard Public Database and the Premium Public Database?

We offer 2 levels of subscription, to better answer your needs.

  • - Standard Level offers unlimited access to public statistics & reports. You can access and browse the database with documents & datasets that have been structured to facilitate your research. With all the data in one place, it’s been designed to help save time. If you have occasional needs, the Standard Level will meet your requirements.
  • - Premium Level offers additional content (Expert Data produced by our analysts - i.e forecasts to 2023) and search features, adapted to research specialists or organisations with a sustained need for market research.

If you are interested in knowing more, send a mail to or call one of our Business Development Managers at +1 646 893 5945

About Private Reports

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by check, wire transfer, Credit Card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard) or by PayPal.

For payment by check, wire transfer or invoice; please contact one of our Sales Representatives who will send you an order form :

What are the different user licenses available?

We have different licenses available. You can choose the one that best meets your needs. In general:

  • — A Single User License provides access to the report for one individual
  • — A Department License allows you to share the report with up to 5 users
  • — A Site License allows the report to be shared amongst all employees in a defined country
  • — A Corporate License allows for complete access, globally

How and when I will receive my Report?

Once your order has been processed, your report will be sent by email in PDF format directly (unless you selected hard copy where available). The report will be normally be delivered the same day depending on geographical time zones, but please allow up to 12 hours.

Payment Options

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • — PayPal
  • — Bank Transfer - Transfers in US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds can be made directly to our bank account
  • — Credit Cards - we accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa
  • — Check - Check should be made out US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds for the full amount and made payable to ReportLinker SAS
  • — For payment by check, bank transfer or invoice; please contact our Sales Representatives at who will send you an order form.

Payment Terms

ReportLinker issue invoice payments with a 30 day term by default. An invoice is sent to customers by email or hard copy if requested. If you require the report in awaiting payment, ReportLinker may request additional proof of purchase such as a PO number of signed and stamped order form. Goods are usually dispatched within 1 working day of the order date. Invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. After this period, all late payments may be subject to 2% additional interest payment added to the total due. In cases where ReportLinker will not offer credit terms, payment must be received in full before the goods are dispatched.

Taxes and duties

ReportLinker SAS VAT number is FR 69 434 220 810. Prices displayed on the product page are without tax. Tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) does not apply to printed books / reports for all countries outside the EU.

Is it possible for me to order but get the report delivered to someone else?

Yes, that’s not a problem. Just make sure you specify the end user’s email in your order. This way, we’ll be sure to send the report to the correct email address! If you have any questions, just contact one of our customer care representatives.

Help required?

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

It’s easy. To do so, go to the Login Page. Click on the link “Forgot your password?” just below the password field. Enter your e-mail address (the one you used previously to open your ReportLinker account). You will receive a mail from our Customer Service Department. Follow the instructions to create a new password.

If you are not able to change your password, then please Contact Us.

I cannot login, what's going on?

You may have issues with your browser cache. Please empty it. Here are the instructions to follow if you don't know how :'s-Cache

If you are still not able to login to our website, then please Contact Us.

How do I get removed from your mailing list?

At the very bottom of any mail from ReportLinker you will find a link to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

I would like to add my reports on your website. How do I go about it?

Please fill in this form. Once we have reviewed your content, we will be happy to contact your regarding an agreement with your company.

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