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Hyatt’s Bold Move: Doubling Down on Canada’s Hospitality Scene by 2026

Key Takeaways

• Hyatt’s strategic expansion in Canada

• Doubling brand footprint by 2026

• Focus on leisure markets

• Growth strategy and loyalty program expansion

• Impact on Canadian hospitality landscape

Ambitious Expansion Plans

In a striking announcement that has caught the attention of the hospitality industry, Hyatt Hotels Corporation is setting the stage for a significant expansion in Canada. With nearly 20 hotels currently operating in the country, Hyatt has unveiled plans to more than double its brand footprint by the end of 2026. This ambitious strategy entails adding 23 new locations nationwide, marking a pivotal shift towards enhancing its presence in key leisure markets.

The strategic focus of this expansion is not just to increase the number of hotels but to diversify Hyatt’s offerings across Canada. By targeting airports, leisure, and tertiary markets, Hyatt aims to cater to a broader audience, including both business and leisure travelers. This move is part of a larger global strategy to strengthen Hyatt’s luxury portfolio, with more than 35 planned luxury hotels and resorts set to open through 2025 in highly sought-after destinations around the world.

Why Canada?

The choice of Canada as a focal point for Hyatt’s expansion efforts is no coincidence. The country’s thriving tourism sector, combined with its stable economic environment, presents an attractive opportunity for hotel developers and investors. Moreover, Canada’s leisure markets are particularly appealing for Hyatt’s growth strategy and loyalty program expansion. The strategic focus on these markets supports Hyatt’s sustained growth and reinforces its commitment to providing compelling guest and member experiences.

Hyatt’s expansion blueprint in Canada is poised to reshape the Canadian hospitality landscape significantly. By doubling its brand footprint, Hyatt not only aims to enhance its market presence but also to redefine hospitality contours in Canada. This bold move reflects Hyatt’s confidence in its growth strategy and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of today’s luxury travelers and their wellbeing priorities.

Impact on the Hospitality Industry

Hyatt’s expansion in Canada is set to have wide-ranging implications for the hospitality industry at large. First and foremost, it signals a growing confidence among hotel developers and investors in the Canadian market. This could potentially spur further investments and expansions by other major players, leading to heightened competition and innovation within the sector. Additionally, Hyatt’s focus on diversifying its offerings and targeting leisure markets aligns with broader consumer trends towards experiential travel and wellness.

For local communities and economies, Hyatt’s expansion promises to bring a host of benefits, including job creation, increased tourism, and enhanced service offerings. It also underscores the importance of strategic market selection and the need for hotel brands to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and preferences.


Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s plan to double its footprint in Canada by 2026 is a testament to the brand’s ambitious growth strategy and its commitment to the Canadian market. By focusing on key leisure markets and expanding its luxury portfolio, Hyatt is poised to make a significant impact on the Canadian hospitality scene. This expansion underscores the importance of strategic market analysis and the potential for hotel developers and investors to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the hospitality industry. As Hyatt moves forward with its plans, the industry will be watching closely to see how this bold strategy unfolds and shapes the future of hospitality in Canada.

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