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Radisson’s Strategic Move to Amplify Its African Footprint with a New Venture in Nigeria

Key Takeaways

• Radisson expands in Nigeria with Edo State partnership

• Benin City to host new Radisson Hotel

• Economic and tourism boost expected for Edo State

• Strengthening Radisson’s presence in Africa

Forging Partnerships for Growth

In a bold move to expand its presence in Africa, Radisson Hotel Group has partnered with the Edo State Government to open a new hotel in Benin City, Nigeria. This strategic partnership marks a significant step for Radisson in enhancing its portfolio in Nigeria and underscores the company’s commitment to strengthening its footprint across Africa. Announced on November 28, the development of the Radisson Hotel Benin City is not just a testament to Radisson’s ambitious expansion plans but also highlights the growing interest of international hotel management companies in tapping into the African market.

The 169-room Edo Radisson Hotel project is expected to play a pivotal role in boosting the hospitality and tourism sectors in the region. Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has lauded the project, anticipating it will foster economic growth and development within the state. This collaboration between a global hotel chain and a local government illustrates the potential of public-private partnerships in accelerating the growth of the hospitality industry in emerging markets.

A Catalyst for Economic and Tourism Growth

The introduction of the Radisson Hotel in Benin City is poised to have a substantial impact on the local economy and the tourism industry. With its Scandinavian-inspired accommodation, ranging from contemporary standard rooms to expansive executive suites, including a presidential suite, the hotel aims to set a new standard in luxury and comfort in the region. The project not only promises to enhance the hospitality landscape of Benin City but also aims to attract international and domestic tourists, thereby boosting tourism.

Economic implications of this development are far-reaching. The construction and subsequent operation of the hotel will create a multitude of jobs, from construction workers to hotel staff, contributing to employment growth in Edo State. Furthermore, the hotel is expected to attract business travelers and tourists, leading to increased spending in the local economy. The presence of a renowned international hotel brand could also spur improvements in local infrastructure and services, enhancing the overall attractiveness of Benin City as a destination.

Strengthening Radisson’s Presence in Africa

Radisson Hotel Group’s expansion into Benin City is part of its broader strategy to cement its presence in Africa. The continent presents a significant growth opportunity for the hospitality industry, with its rising middle class, increasing urbanization, and untapped tourist destinations. By establishing a presence in strategic locations such as Benin City, Radisson aims to capitalize on these trends and position itself as a leader in Africa’s hospitality sector.

This new venture in Nigeria aligns with Radisson’s aggressive growth strategy in the region, which includes expanding its portfolio through strategic partnerships and developing hotels that meet the diverse needs of travelers. The Radisson Hotel Benin City project, with its focus on luxury and quality service, exemplifies the Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its guests while contributing to the socio-economic development of its new locations.


The partnership between Radisson Hotel Group and the Edo State Government to develop the Radisson Hotel Benin City is a landmark project that underscores the potential of international hotel chains in Africa’s burgeoning hospitality market. Expected to boost the local economy and tourism, this project is a testament to the benefits of public-private partnerships in driving economic growth and development. As Radisson continues to expand its footprint across Africa, its latest venture in Nigeria serves as a strategic move to strengthen its presence in a continent ripe with opportunity.

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