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Health Insurance Innovations: Expanding Access and Affordability in Nigeria

Key Takeaways

• 9mobile and PlugInsure launch affordable health insurance

• Expanding healthcare access in Nigeria

• Innovation in health insurance products

• Partnership between telecommunications and insurance sectors

• Affordable healthcare as a customer-centric approach

9mobile and PlugInsure’s Pioneering Affordable Health Coverage

In a significant move to expand healthcare access and affordability, 9mobile, a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, has partnered with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard to launch an innovative health insurance product called SureCare. This venture is set to redefine the landscape of health insurance in Nigeria by offering easily accessible and affordable healthcare coverage to a wider segment of the population. The introduction of SureCare marks a pivotal moment in the insurance industry, highlighting a growing trend towards integrating technology and insurance services to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

The significance of SureCare in expanding access to healthcare services for Nigerians cannot be overstated. With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria faces considerable challenges in healthcare delivery, including limited access to medical services and high out-of-pocket expenses for treatment. The strategic collaboration between 9mobile, PlugInsure, and Axa Mansard aims to address these challenges by providing comprehensive insurance solutions that are not only affordable but also user-friendly, leveraging the wide reach and technological capabilities of 9mobile.

Innovating for Greater Healthcare Accessibility

One of the standout features of the SureCare health insurance product is its affordability. With plans starting from as little as N100 monthly, SureCare is designed to be within reach of the average Nigerian, making health insurance a viable option for many who previously considered it out of reach. This innovative pricing model is a significant departure from traditional health insurance schemes, which often come with high premiums and complex enrollment processes. By simplifying access to health coverage and making it more affordable, 9mobile and PlugInsure are not just selling insurance; they are promoting a culture of health insurance among Nigerians.

The partnership between a telecommunications giant and an insurance company in launching SureCare is a testament to the power of cross-sector collaboration in driving social innovation. By leveraging 9mobile’s extensive network and customer base, PlugInsure is able to deliver insurance products directly to consumers’ mobile devices, further simplifying the enrollment process and enhancing the customer experience. This approach aligns with the customer-centric philosophy of 9mobile and reflects a broader trend in the insurance industry towards leveraging technology to make insurance more accessible and appealing to consumers.

Impact on the Nigerian Health Insurance Landscape

The launch of SureCare is expected to have a profound impact on the Nigerian health insurance market. It not only introduces a new product but also sets a benchmark for affordability and accessibility in health insurance. By providing a low-cost, comprehensive health insurance option, SureCare has the potential to significantly increase the penetration rate of health insurance in Nigeria, where a large portion of the population remains uninsured. The increased accessibility to health insurance can lead to improved health outcomes for individuals and reduce the financial burden of healthcare on families.

Moreover, the SureCare initiative highlights the role of innovation in addressing societal challenges. The collaboration between 9mobile, PlugInsure, and Axa Mansard exemplifies how companies can work together to create solutions that benefit not only their businesses but also the communities they serve. This model of partnership and innovation could inspire other sectors to explore similar initiatives, potentially leading to widespread improvements in access to essential services across Nigeria and beyond.


The introduction of the SureCare health insurance product by 9mobile, PlugInsure, and Axa Mansard represents a significant step forward in making healthcare more accessible and affordable in Nigeria. Through innovative pricing and a customer-centric approach, this initiative is poised to transform the health insurance landscape, expanding coverage to a larger segment of the Nigerian population. As this partnership demonstrates, leveraging technology and cross-sector collaboration can be a powerful strategy for addressing the challenges of healthcare accessibility and affordability. The success of SureCare could serve as a model for future innovations in the insurance industry, highlighting the potential for insurance products to play a crucial role in improving public health outcomes.

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