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Saudi Arabia and France Elevate Economic Ties with $2.9 Billion in New Deals

Key Takeaways

• Economic partnership between Saudi Arabia and France

• $2.9bn in investment deals

• Impact on aviation sector

• Flynas’s Airbus order

• Paris Air Show highlights

Strengthening Bilateral Relations

In a significant move to bolster economic relations, Saudi Arabia and France have inked deals and initial pacts valued at $2.9 billion during the French-Saudi Investment Forum held in Paris. This development marks a pivotal moment in the longstanding partnership between the two nations, promising to enhance cooperation across various sectors. The forum, a gathering point for policymakers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from both countries, showcased the mutual commitment to deepening economic ties.

The agreements cover a wide array of sectors, including energy, defense, and telecommunications, signaling a broad-based approach to the partnership. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Investment, Khalid Al-Falih, highlighted the significance of these deals, emphasizing their role in boosting the economic relationship between Riyadh and Paris. This wave of agreements underscores the strategic importance of the bilateral relationship, not only in traditional sectors but also in fostering innovation and technological collaboration.

Impact on the Aviation Sector

A focal point of the deals signed at the forum was the aviation sector, with Saudi Arabia’s low-cost carrier Flynas confirming a substantial order with Airbus. The order, valued at 14 billion Saudi riyals (approximately $3.73 billion) for 30 A320neo family aircraft, represents a significant investment in the airline’s future growth and operational expansion. This move is in line with Saudi Arabia’s broader ambitions to enhance its aviation sector and improve air connectivity to 250 destinations worldwide.

The Flynas-Airbus deal not only demonstrates the strength of Saudi-French cooperation in the aviation industry but also highlights the ongoing efforts by Saudi Arabia to diversify its economy and develop sectors beyond oil. The Paris Air Show, where the deal was finalized, served as an ideal backdrop, showcasing the latest in aviation technology and agreements. This order brings Flynas’s total Airbus fleet to 120 A320neo aircraft, including 10 A321XLRs, positioning the airline for significant growth in the coming years.

The broader context of Saudi-French cooperation in the aviation sector was also evident at the 54th Paris Air Show. This event showcased multi-billion-dollar aircraft deals, investment prospects in the aviation industry, and a strategic vision for civil aviation. Such developments are indicative of the dynamic nature of the Saudi-French economic partnership, with both nations keen on leveraging their strengths to foster sustainable growth and innovation.


The $2.9 billion in investment deals signed between Saudi Arabia and France at the Paris Forum represents a significant milestone in the economic relationship between the two countries. By covering a range of sectors and placing a particular emphasis on the aviation industry, these agreements highlight the multifaceted nature of the partnership. The substantial order by Flynas from Airbus underscores the ambition of Saudi Arabia to expand its aviation sector, a key component of its broader economic diversification strategy.

As the world watches, the strengthened ties between Riyadh and Paris through these deals are set to have a lasting impact, enhancing bilateral relations and opening new avenues for cooperation. The agreements reached at the French-Saudi Investment Forum not only signify a deepening economic partnership but also pave the way for future collaboration across various industries. With both nations committed to innovation and sustainable development, the prospects for further engagement and investment look promising, heralding a new era in Saudi-French economic relations.

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