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2024 Travel Outlook: Industry Insiders Signal Confidence and New Trends

The Key Ideas

• Travel industry insiders show increased confidence for 2024

• Booking trends indicate earlier planning and higher spending

• Emerging destinations gain popularity among insiders

• Sabre’s survey provides valuable insights into 2024 travel trends

Travel Confidence on the Rise

As the travel industry continues to navigate through the aftermath of the global pandemic, a notable shift is occurring among its insiders. Sabre, a leading travel technology company, has recently conducted a survey revealing a significant rise in travel confidence among its global workforce. The findings suggest that, compared to previous years, there’s a stronger inclination towards leisure travel, with bookings being made at least three months in advance. This marks a distinct change in behavior, underscoring a renewed optimism about the future of travel as we head into 2024.

The implications of this increased confidence are manifold. For one, it indicates a potential surge in demand for travel services in the coming year. With more individuals ready to commit to travel plans earlier, the industry could see a boost in early bookings, leading to a more stable and predictable market. Moreover, this trend could drive a shift in how travel companies, from airlines to hotels, strategize their marketing and operational efforts to cater to this early-bird segment.

Booking Trends: Spending More and Booking Earlier

The insights provided by Sabre’s survey extend beyond mere travel confidence. They also shed light on specific booking habits that are expected to dominate in 2024. Notably, there’s an evident trend towards spending more on travel and securing plans well in advance. This shift could be attributed to the accumulated desire to travel following periods of restrictions, often referred to as "delayed revenge travel." Additionally, concerns over lost luggage and the logistical uncertainties of travel seem to be influencing travelers to plan more meticulously and spare no expense in ensuring a smooth experience.

This move towards more luxurious and well-planned travel experiences speaks volumes about the changing priorities of travelers. It suggests that, in the post-pandemic world, there’s a greater emphasis on the quality and reliability of travel experiences. For the travel industry, this could mean a need to adapt offerings to meet these elevated expectations, potentially leading to the development of more premium services and packages.

Emerging Destinations and the Carbon Impact of Travel Choices

Another fascinating aspect of the survey results is the interest in emerging destinations. Industry insiders are not just traveling more and planning earlier; they’re also looking beyond the traditional hotspots. This curiosity for new experiences aligns with broader trends in the travel sector, where there’s a growing appetite for unique, less crowded destinations that offer authentic local experiences.

Furthermore, the survey highlights a growing awareness among travel professionals about the carbon impact of their travel choices. This is reflective of a broader industry movement towards sustainability, influenced by partnerships with companies like and American Express GBT. As environmental concerns become increasingly central to travel planning, we may see more travelers opting for destinations and travel modes that align with their values, potentially reshaping the travel landscape in 2024 and beyond.


The insights from Sabre’s survey of its global workforce offer a valuable glimpse into the travel trends of 2024 from the perspective of industry insiders. The increased confidence, shift towards early and more luxurious bookings, interest in emerging destinations, and consideration of the carbon impact of travel, all point to a year of dynamic change in the travel industry. As we approach 2024, these trends not only hint at the recovery and growth of the travel sector but also underscore a transformation in traveler priorities and behaviors. For travel companies and destinations, understanding and adapting to these trends will be key to capturing the interest and loyalty of next year’s travelers.

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