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Mastercard and BENEFIT Forge Path to Innovative Payments and Financial Inclusion in Bahrain

This article covers:

• Mastercard and BENEFIT partnership

• Innovation in payment systems

• Financial inclusion in Bahrain

• Impact on Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem

• Strategic synergies between Mastercard and BENEFIT

A Landmark Partnership

In a significant move for Bahrain’s financial sector, global payments giant Mastercard has teamed up with The BENEFIT Company, Bahrain’s leading fintech and the national operator for electronic payment services. This collaboration is more than just a business partnership; it’s a pledge to revolutionize Bahrain’s payments landscape, driving both innovation and financial inclusion. Abdulwahed AlJanahi, Chief Executive of BENEFIT, emphasized the complementary strengths both entities bring to the table, aiming to craft seamless, secure financial offerings that enhance the quality of life and efficiency for the country’s populace.

The initiative aligns with the Central Bank of Bahrain’s ambitions to fast-track the nation’s digital economy development. By leveraging Mastercard’s global expertise in digital payment solutions and BENEFIT’s robust local market understanding and infrastructure, the partnership is set to introduce a new era of financial products and services tailored to the needs of Bahraini consumers and businesses.

Innovation and Inclusion at the Forefront>

The core objectives of this partnership are twofold: to drive payment innovation and to ensure financial inclusion. This means not only creating more efficient ways to transact but also making sure that these solutions are accessible to all segments of Bahrain’s society. This collaborative effort is expected to introduce cutting-edge technologies and platforms that could range from advanced security features for safer transactions to flexible payment options that cater to the unbanked or underbanked populations.

Mastercard’s history of fostering financial inclusion through technology and its expansive network complements BENEFIT’s insights into local consumer behavior and payment infrastructure. Together, they aim to dismantle barriers to financial access, enabling greater participation in the economy from all Bahrainis.

Strategic Synergies

The synergy between Mastercard and BENEFIT goes beyond their shared goals. It’s about leveraging Mastercard’s global technological capabilities and BENEFIT’s local operational excellence. Abdulwahed AlJanahi notes that this partnership will develop and launch financial offerings that are not only easier and smarter but significantly more efficient. Such strategic alignment is vital for creating a digital payments ecosystem that’s both innovative and inclusive.

This collaboration is also a testament to the power of partnership in achieving common goals. By combining their resources and expertise, Mastercard and BENEFIT are well-positioned to address the specific needs of Bahrain’s market, drive greater economic participation, and set new benchmarks for the rest of the region.

Impact on Bahrain’s FinTech Ecosystem

The long-term effects of this partnership on Bahrain’s fintech ecosystem are poised to be profound. It represents a major step forward in the country’s journey towards becoming a leading digital economy in the Middle East. By focusing on innovation and inclusivity, Mastercard and BENEFIT are not only enhancing the payments infrastructure but also laying the groundwork for future fintech developments.

Furthermore, this collaboration is expected to inspire similar initiatives, both within Bahrain and in the broader region, potentially leading to a more interconnected and inclusive digital financial landscape. The emphasis on creating accessible and user-friendly financial services could also spur a wave of entrepreneurship and innovation, further enriching Bahrain’s fintech ecosystem.


The partnership between Mastercard and The BENEFIT Company marks a significant milestone in Bahrain’s financial sector. By combining their strengths, these two entities are set to drive unparalleled innovation and financial inclusion, reshaping the payments landscape in Bahrain. This collaboration is not just about enhancing the efficiency and security of transactions; it’s about creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem that benefits every Bahraini, fostering a culture of innovation that could serve as a model for the entire Middle East region.

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