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Hilton’s Aggressive Expansion in Saudi Arabia Targets Luxury Travel Boom

The Key Ideas

• Hilton’s expansion in Saudi Arabia

• Strategic importance of Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley

• Growth of luxury travel in the Middle East

• Saudi Arabia as Hilton’s largest pipeline market in EMEA

The Strategic Role of Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley in Hilton’s Growth

In an ambitious push to dominate the luxury travel market in the Middle East, Hilton has set its sights on Saudi Arabia, announcing plans to significantly expand its footprint in the country. The cornerstone of this expansion is the upcoming Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley, a symbol of Hilton’s commitment to establishing a luxurious presence in the region. With a strategy to more than quadruple its presence, Hilton is poised to open over 50 new hotels across 10 of its brands, turning Saudi Arabia into its largest pipeline market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The announcement made on September 20, 2023, details a partnership with Mashareq Investment for the opening of Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley at the beginning of 2025. This move is not just about adding numbers to Hilton’s portfolio but is a calculated step towards capturing the booming luxury travel market in the Middle East. The Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley is expected to become a beacon of luxury, offering unparalleled hospitality and serving as a key player in Hilton’s broader strategy to consolidate its Saudi presence.

Capitalizing on the Luxury Travel Growth in the Middle East

The Middle East has been witnessing a significant uptick in luxury travel, a trend that Hilton is keen on capitalizing on. The region’s growing affluence, coupled with an increasing desire for high-end travel experiences, presents a golden opportunity for Hilton to position itself as the go-to brand for luxury accommodations. The expansion in Saudi Arabia, with the Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley at its helm, is a testament to Hilton’s foresight in recognizing and adapting to this trend.

Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision to diversify its economy and develop its tourism sector further underpins Hilton’s expansion plans. The country is rapidly transforming into a global tourism hub, backed by significant investments in infrastructure, entertainment, and cultural projects. This transformation aligns perfectly with Hilton’s strategy to enhance business and leisure travel destinations throughout the country, making it an ideal time for the company to deepen its roots in the Saudi market.

Hilton’s Largest Pipeline Market in EMEA

Hilton’s aggressive expansion in Saudi Arabia is not just about increasing the number of hotels but also about creating a diverse portfolio that caters to various segments of the travel market. By planning to open more than 50 new hotels across 10 of its brands, Hilton is set to make Saudi Arabia its largest pipeline market in the EMEA region. This ambitious growth strategy reflects Hilton’s confidence in the Saudi market’s potential and its commitment to being at the forefront of the luxury travel boom in the Middle East.

The strategic importance of Saudi Arabia in Hilton’s global expansion plans cannot be overstated. The country’s vision to welcome millions of tourists in the coming years goes hand in hand with Hilton’s mission to be the world’s most hospitable company. The Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley, with its promise of luxury and excellence, is just the beginning of Hilton’s journey to redefine hospitality in the Middle East.


Hilton’s strategic expansion in Saudi Arabia, spearheaded by the introduction of the Conrad Riyadh Laysen Valley, marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to dominate the luxury travel market in the Middle East. By leveraging the region’s growth in luxury travel and aligning with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious tourism goals, Hilton is not just expanding its global footprint but is also setting new standards for luxury hospitality. As the country continues to open its doors wider to international travelers, Hilton’s extensive pipeline in the region positions it perfectly to capture the hearts of luxury travelers from around the world.

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