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Vietnamese E-commerce Firms Navigating International Challenges

This article covers:

• Vietnamese e-commerce firms face international standards challenges

• E-commerce aids Vietnamese businesses in global expansion

• Strategic initiatives boost Vietnam’s e-commerce exports

• Brand protection and quality competitiveness essential for success

• Vietnam’s cross-border e-commerce expected to grow significantly

Vietnamese E-commerce Firms Navigating International Challenges

Adapting to High International Standards

Vietnamese e-commerce businesses are increasingly venturing into the global market, leveraging platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. However, this expansion comes with the significant challenge of meeting the high international standards required by these platforms. Experts are now emphasizing the importance of online brand protection and trademark safety in cyberspace, particularly for firms engaging in online exporting activities. The ongoing struggle to align with these standards highlights the pressure on Vietnamese companies to enhance their product quality and competitiveness on a global scale.

The rise of cross-border e-commerce, projected to generate $7.4 trillion by 2025, offers a promising avenue for Vietnamese enterprises to widen their export markets. This potential was spotlighted during a conference organized by the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, alongside Amazon Global Selling Vietnam (AGS VN) in Hanoi. The conference underscored cross-border e-commerce as an effective strategy for enterprises aiming to expand their reach globally.

Strategies for Competitive Edge

To combat these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by international e-commerce, Vietnamese companies are adopting several strategic measures. One such initiative is the partnership between the Innovation and Development of E-commerce Activities (iDEA) and Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, which aims to train human resources in cross-border e-commerce for 10,000 Vietnamese enterprises by 2026. This program is designed to boost the cross-border e-commerce capabilities of leading export-oriented industries, thereby ensuring Vietnamese businesses are well-equipped to succeed on international platforms.

Moreover, the consistent presence of products from Vietnam in Amazon’s top-growing categories—spanning healthcare, home and kitchenware, clothing, and beauty products—over the past five years demonstrates the country’s export e-commerce market’s growth potential. Despite the challenges, initiatives like "Connecting Industries - Growing Together with Cross-Border E-Commerce" are being launched to aid Vietnamese businesses in increasing their presence and success rates in promoting "Made-in-Vietnam" brands and products on the global stage.

As the Vietnamese e-commerce sector continues to navigate these international challenges, it becomes crucial for companies to focus on strengthening their online brand protection and improving product quality and competitiveness. The collaboration between governmental agencies, industry associations, and major e-commerce platforms plays a pivotal role in supporting Vietnamese enterprises in their journey towards achieving global success.

With the projected growth of cross-border e-commerce and the strategic initiatives in place to support Vietnamese firms, the future looks promising for Vietnam’s e-commerce export market. However, success in this arena will require continued effort in overcoming the high international standards and competitive pressures that come with global market entry.

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