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Bulgaria Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2021

See how Bulgaria Semiconductor performed compared to key markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Key Market Indicators

Bulgarian semiconductor imports decreased by 33.4% in 2021, falling to nearly €582,360 from €874,880 in 2020. Bulgaria has seen a 42.3% decline in demand since 2006, ranking it 20th in the world. Portugal came in first with €582,360, followed by the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland. By 2026, Bulgarian semiconductor revenue is projected to drop by 27.3% to €103,390, from €584,640 in 2021. Since 2010, the Bulgarian market has seen an average 6.2% year-on-year decline, placing it 17th in the world. Romania was first with €584,640, followed by France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Bulgarian semiconductor exports plummeted by 71.6% in 2019 to €3,410 from €12,010 in 2018. Since 2006, the country's supply has decreased by 42.6%, ranking it 25th in the world. Croatia was first with €3,410, followed by Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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