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Bulgaria Lighting Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Bulgaria Lighting performed compared to key markets such as Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

Key Market Indicators

Bulgarian Lighting Sales are projected to grow from €45 million in 2023 to nearly €49 million by 2028, marking a modest annual growth rate of 1.4%. This comes after a decade-long decline of 1.8% per year since 2013. As of 2023, Bulgaria ranks 23rd in the market, just behind Croatia, which also reported sales of €45 million. The top spots are held by the Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Bulgarian Lighting Imports are expected to increase from $64 million in 2023 to approximately $77 million by 2028, reflecting an annual growth rate of 3%. This growth continues a trend seen since 2001, with demand rising by 4.4% per year. On the export front, Bulgarian Lighting Exports are forecasted to climb from $71 million in 2023 to nearly $88 million by 2028, growing at an annual rate of 3.4%. Bulgarian supply has been on an upward trajectory since 2001, increasing by 5.2% annually.

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Bulgaria Lighting Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Bulgaria Lighting Market grow to 2028?

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