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Slovakia Digital Camcorder Industry Outlook 2021

See how Slovakia Digital Camcorder performed compared to key markets such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Key Market Indicators

Slovakia's digital camcorder imports and exports both dropped significantly in 2021 compared to the previous year. Imports fell by 35.1%, while exports went down by 74%. Since 2013, import demand has decreased by 24.1%, while supplies have decreased by 34.5%. In 2021, Slovakia was the 17th largest importer of digital camcorders, while Portugal overtook it with 307,340 items. The UK, Germany and Poland were the top three importers, in that order. In 2019, Slovakia was the 10th largest exporter of digital camcorders, while Italy overtook it with 272,770 items. The top three exporters were Germany, Spain and Sweden, in that order.

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