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Estonia Handbag Industry Outlook 2021

See how Estonia Handbag performed compared to key markets such as Italy, France and Spain.

Key Market Indicators

Estonian handbag sales dropped by nearly 50% in 2021 compared to 2020. The country placed ninth in the ranking, with Portugal coming ahead. France, Spain, and Romania followed. Estonian handbag exports also saw a decrease, going from 25,100 units in 2020 to 23,640 units in 2021, a drop of 5.8%. Since the year 2000, the supply has gone down by 13.6%. Estonian handbag imports are projected to reach 27,070 units by 2026, down from 59,090 in 2021. This marks an average decrease of 12.9% year on year. Since the year 2000, demand has gone down by 6.1%.

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Estonia Handbag Market Data and Forecasts