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Spain Agriculture Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Spain Agriculture performed compared to key markets such as India, the United States and Nigeria.

Key Market Indicators

In 2021, Mexico overtook Spain and ranked number 7, while the United States, Nigeria and Pakistan respectively ranked numbers 2, 3 and 4. Agricultural growth in Spain is expected to reach $39.8 billion by 2026, up from $37.2 billion in 2021. This average yearly growth of 1.1% has been the trend since 2000, when the country was in seventh place. Mexico surpassed Spain in 2021, becoming number 7, while the US, Nigeria and Pakistan held the top three spots. Spanish Agricultural Production is projected to grow to $55.3 billion by 2026 from $52 billion in 2021, increasing at a yearly rate of 1%. Since 1996, Spanish supply has risen by 3.8% each year. In 2021, Mexico moved ahead of Spain to seventh place, while the US, Nigeria and Pakistan remained the top three.

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Spain Agriculture Market Data and Forecasts

What is the size of the Spanish Agriculture Market in 2022?

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