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Denmark Construction Services Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Denmark Construction Services performed compared to key markets such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Key Market Indicators

Dane Construction Services Production is projected to hit approximately €9.4 billion by 2028, up from €8.7 billion in 2023. This represents an average annual growth rate of 1.3%. Since 2013, the supply in Dane has grown at an average rate of 2.2% per year. In 2023, Dane ranked 13th in production, with Norway surpassing it with €8.7 billion. France, the United Kingdom, and Italy occupied the second, third, and fourth spots, respectively. Meanwhile, Dane Construction Services Revenue is expected to reach around €9.2 billion by 2028, increasing from €8.5 billion in 2023. This marks a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.2%. Since 2013, the market in Dane has expanded at an average yearly rate of 1.9%. In the same year, Dane also ranked 13th in revenue, with Norway again taking the lead at €8.5 billion. France, the United Kingdom, and Italy were also the top three in this category, maintaining their respective positions as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

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