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Estonia Antidiabetics Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Estonia Antidiabetics performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Estonia's insulin import market is projected to shrink significantly in the coming years. By 2028, imports are expected to fall to around $380,000 from approximately $2.07 million in 2023, marking an average annual decline of 26%. This downward trend continues a pattern observed since 2000, with demand decreasing by an average of 11% each year. In contrast, Estonia’s insulin export market is set for modest growth. Exports are forecast to reach about $59,000 by 2028, up from $51,000 in 2023, reflecting an average annual growth rate of 2.2%. Since 2001, the country's insulin supply has expanded considerably, with an average yearly increase of 30%. In 2023, Estonia ranked 33rd in global insulin exports, with Japan surpassing it at the same $51,000 level. Leading the global rankings were France, Italy, and China, occupying the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively.

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Estonia Antidiabetics Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Estonia Antidiabetics Market grow to 2028?

Forecast: Import of Insulin in Dosage Forms to Estonia
Forecast: Export of Insulin in Dosage Forms from Estonia
Forecast: Import of Insulin to Estonia
Forecast: Diabetes Medicine Sales in Estonia
Forecast: Diabetes Medicine Sales in Estonia
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