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Bahrain Eyewear Industry Outlook 2021

See how Bahrain Eyewear performed compared to key markets such as Italy, India and Hungary.

Key Market Indicators

Bahraini prescription glasses imports dropped close to $1,080 in 2021, a fall of 22.2% from 2020. This marks a 21.4% decrease from 2007. The country was 91st in 2021, with Iceland ahead at $1,080. India, Hungary and the Dominican Republic came in second, third and fourth respectively. In 2016, Bahrain was 32nd in the rankings, with Uganda overtaking with $1,650. France, China and Malaysia were second, third and fourth respectively.

Bahrain Eyewear Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Bahrain Eyewear Market grow?

Forecast: Export of Sunglasses from Bahrain
Forecast: Import of Spectacle Lenses of Glass to Bahrain
Forecast: Import of Sunglasses to Bahrain
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