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Italy Xylene Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Italy Xylene performed compared to key markets such as China and Germany.

Key Market Indicators

Italian demand for xylene is set to increase significantly by 2026. According to data from 2019, demand is estimated to reach 125.1 million kilograms, up 2.8% year on year on average. This growth has been consistent since 1999, with an average yearly increase of 1.5%. In 2021, Italy was the third-largest consumer of xylene at 104.4 million kilograms, narrowly behind Germany in second place at 104.9 million kilograms. Belgium was fourth with 53.3 million kilograms. In contrast, Italian xylene exports have dropped drastically since 2017. In 2018, the country exported only 1.9 thousand kilograms, a decrease of 98.1% from 98.6 thousand kilograms in 2017. Since 1999, exports have decreased by 83.5% year on year. Sweden was the largest exporter in 2018, with 1.9 thousand kilograms, followed by Singapore, the United States and the Netherlands.

Italy Xylene Market Data and Forecasts