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France Ammonia Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how France Ammonia performed compared to key markets such as Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Key Market Indicators

France ranked number 5 in 2021, overtaken by Japan at $188,300,000. USA, China and Russia respectively ranked numbers 1, 2 and 3 in this ranking. France's ammonia exports are expected to remain steady at around $32.6 million over the next five years. Since 1999, French supply has grown an average of 1.5% per year. France came in 16th in 2021, with Australia overtaking it at $32.6 million. Saudi Arabia, Russia and Indonesia were the top three countries in this ranking. France's ammonia imports will decrease by an average of 3.6% per year over the next five years, reaching $151.6 million by 2026. Since 1999, French demand has declined by an average of 2.4% per year. Japan took over the 5th slot in 2021 with $188.3 million. The United States, China and Russia held the top three spots in this ranking.

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