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Ghana Agricultural Input Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Ghana Agricultural Input performed compared to key markets such as Ukraine, Brazil and Spain.

Key Market Indicators

Demand for fertilizer in Ghana is expected to reach 290,460 metric tons by 2026, up 3.5% year on year. This growth has been fueled by a 10.2% year on year increase since 2007, with Ghana currently ranking 25th in fertilizer demand. Latvia currently reigns as the top importer of fertilizer with 235,660 metric tons, while Brazil, Spain and Thailand follow in second, third and fourth place respectively. On the other hand, Ghanaian fertilizer exports are set to drop 13.3% year on year, going from 771.46 metric tons in 2021 down to 343.91 metric tons by 2026. Since 2011, however, exports have risen 61.6% year on year, with Ghana currently ranking 74th in fertilizer exports. Burkina Faso is the leading exporter of fertilizer, with Norway, Belgium and Finland following in second, third and fourth place respectively.

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