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Iceland Dried Food Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Iceland Dried Food performed compared to key markets such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Key Market Indicators

Icelander Dried Fruit Imports are on the rise. In 2021, the total value was $1.2 million, rising by 0.8% each year since 1993. This puts the country in 79th place, behind Brunei at $1.2 million. Germany, the United Kingdom and China are the top three importers in this ranking. Industry experts predict that the total value of Icelander Dried Fruit Imports will reach $1.3 million by 2026. This is a 0.7% year on year growth rate.

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Iceland Dried Food Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Iceland Dried Food Market grow to 2026?

Forecast: Dates Market Size Volume Per Capita in Iceland
Forecast: Import of Dried Egg Yolks to Iceland
Forecast: Import of Dried Apricots to Iceland
Forecast: Import of Dried Apples to Iceland
Forecast: Import of Dried Leguminous Vegetables to Iceland
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