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Zambia Nickel Industry Outlook 2023

See how Zambia Nickel performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Zambian nickel imports have seen a significant drop in 2023, falling to approximately $56,000 from $67,000 in 2022. This marks a decrease of nearly 17% from the previous year. Over a longer period, since 2000, the demand for nickel in Zambia has decreased by about 8% annually. On the export front, Zambia experienced a sharp decline in nickel exports in 2015, plummeting to around $6,000 from $37,000 in 2014. This represents a staggering 84% drop compared to the previous year. Since 2004, the supply of nickel from Zambia has decreased by roughly 61% each year.

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Zambia Nickel Market Data and Forecasts