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Portugal Iron Ore Industry Outlook 2018

See how Portugal Iron Ore performed compared to key markets such as China, Japan and South Korea.

Key Market Indicators

The country ranked number 22 in 2016, Ethiopia came ahead at $22. Japan, South Korea and Germany respectively ranked numbers 2, 3 and 4. Portugal imported $258,570 worth of iron ore in 2018, an increase of 64 percent from the previous year. Since 1993, the country's demand for the mineral had grown by 0.7 percent annually. Portugal ranked 64th in the world for iron ore imports, just behind Yemen. Japan, South Korea and Germany were the top three importers. In 2016, Portugal exported $22 worth of iron ore, down from $33 the year before. It ranked 22nd in the world, with Ethiopia at number 21. Japan, South Korea and Germany were again the top three exporters.

Portugal Iron Ore Market Data and Forecasts

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