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Concrete Market Outlook 2022 - 2026

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European Concrete Trends in 2022

Concrete is part of Building Materials. You may also be interested in Cement and Gypsum.

European concrete production is set to reach €37 billion by 2026, up 0.5% year on year on average. Since 2016, European supply has increased by nearly 2%. In 2021, Germany was the largest producer with €10 billion, followed by the UK, France and Poland. Hungary saw a 13% growth year on year, while Belgium saw a 6% decrease. Likewise, concrete sales in Europe are projected to reach €39 billion by 2026, up 0.6% year on year. Since 2016, the market has risen 2.2%. Germany was once again the largest consumer with €10 billion, followed by France, the UK and Poland. Hungary saw a 14% increase year on year, while Belgium's sales dropped 5.8%.

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Concrete Market Data and Forecasts

How much the Concrete industry is expected to grow to 2026?

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