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Ugandan Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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Global Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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Brazilian Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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North American Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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Nicaraguan Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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US Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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Vietnamese Coffee Bean Industry 2021‑2024

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Top insights for Coffee Bean Markets:

Italy: In 2018, Italian green coffee bean imports reached a volume of 606 thousand tonnes at €1.3 billion in value, after growing at an average annual rate of 3.2% in volume and 3.4% in value between 2014 and 2018.

Europe: imports are forecast down 500,000 bags to 48.5 million and account for over 40 percent of the world's coffee bean imports.

Vietnam: In terms of production, the 2016 coffee bean production reached about 1.5 million tons.

Among traditional crops, coffee continues to be the backbone of many rural communities in Central America, especially Honduras, which is the largest producer in the CAC. From 1990 to 2012, the supply of coffee increased significantly due to the attractive prices of the coffee bean on international markets but has since declined due to La Roya (leaf rust) and low prices.

The coffee bean (HS code 0901) imports to Japan increased from 416,845 metric tons in 2014 to 442,311 metric tons in 2015, up 6.1%.

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