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US Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 7617 reports

  • Home Prices, Homeownership Rate, Home Sales, Existing Home Sales…
  • 13378 statistics

  • Labour Utilisation, Consumer Price Index, Buildings Under Construction, Construction Completions…
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UK Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 2673 reports

  • Home Prices, Home Inventory, Homeownership Rate, Overcrowding Rate…
  • 15739 statistics

  • Labour Utilisation, Consumer Price Index, Government Expenditure On R&D, Number Of Rooms Per Person…
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North European Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 1260 reports

  • Home Prices, Homeownership Rate, Home Inventory, Home Sales…
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Asian Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 1186 reports

  • Home Prices, Homeownership Rate, Home Inventory, New Home Sales…
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Australian Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 1101 reports

  • Home Prices, Homeownership Rate, Home Inventory, Home Sales…
  • 16121 statistics

  • Labour Utilisation, Consumer Price Index…
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Indian Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 940 reports

  • Homeownership Rate, Home Prices, Home Inventory, Home Sales…
  • 10 statistics

  • Market Size, Supply, Trade…
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Canadian Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 1038 reports

  • Home Prices, Home Sales, Homeownership Rate, Existing Home Sales…
  • 15958 statistics

  • Labour Utilisation, Consumer Price Index, Construction Starts…
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South Asian Housing Industry 2020‑2024

  • 601 reports

  • Home Inventory, Homeownership Rate, Home Prices, New Home Sales…

Top insights for US Housing Markets:

Using 2019 as a baseline, Black Knight estimates an expected 5.7 million 2020 residential home sales would have totaled over $1.8 trillion in contract volume.

As prices for new homes are expected to remain flat, and hence reduce profit margins for home builders, it is estimated that real (inflation adjusted) residential investment declined by 1.7% in 2019, and will grow by 1.6% in 2020, and will decline again by 1.2% in 2021.

Single-family home sales were at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 5.17 million in February, up from 4.82 million in January, and up 7.3% from a year ago.

Residential investment rose by 5.8% in Q4 as home sales accelerated, but business investment slipped by 1.5%, weighed down by sluggish exports and trade uncertainty.

Housing demand is expected to remain around its long-term trend of 5 million home sales per year over the next year or so due to a tight labor market, rising wages and low mortgage interest rates.

New home sales increased in December 2018 after bottoming in October and increased in March to the highest level since November 2017, but declined 6.9% in April; however, sales are up 7.0% over the last 12 months Household formation continues to rise gradually - the five-year annual average = 1.27 million in 2019 Q1; 2018 Q4 = 1.23 million; most recent four-quarter average = 1.58 million Home ownership rate was 64.3 in 2019 Q1 compared to 64.6% in 2018 Q4, reversing slightly the modest improvement that had occurred over the past two years.

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