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Post-Acute Care Sector: Comprehensive Analysis, Forecast and Impact of COVID-19

What is the Outlook for the Post-Acute Care Sector?

The sector, which includes long-term care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare, has been experiencing growth driven by an aging population and increasing healthcare needs. However, it faces persistent challenges such as staffing issues, regulatory changes and payment reforms. Potential changes to Medicare reimbursements and the shift towards value-based healthcare are likely to have an impact on the sector's future.

What are the Projections for the Post-Acute Care Market?

A forecast of the sector indicates continued growth. The drive towards managing patient care across a continuum, coupled with technological advancement such as telemedicine, portends well for this market segment. Furthermore, the increasing need for palliative care services is expected to provide impetus for growth.

What has been the Impact of COVID-19 on the Sector?

The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges within the sector and introduced new ones. There has been an increase in service demand due to the pandemic's aftereffects, adding strain to a sector already grappling with staffing shortages. Yet, the crisis has also spurred innovative service delivery models, including increased use of telehealth services. It necessitates a renewed focus on optimizing the patient care journey in a post-acute setting.

Key Indicators

  1. Post-Acute Care Facility Occupancy Rates
  2. Government Regulatory Changes in Post-Acute Care
  3. Number of Insured Individuals Requiring Post-Acute Care
  4. Post-Acute Care Staffing Levels and Capacities
  5. Patient Satisfaction Metrics in Post-Acute Care
  6. Rate of Post-Acute Care Readmissions
  7. Changes in Post-Acute Care Reimbursement Models
  8. Impact on Telehealth Services in Post-Acute Care
  9. COVID-19 Infection Rates in Post-Acute Care Facilities
  10. Post-COVID-19 Patient Long-Term Needs Trends