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CAB Cakaran’s RM40 Million Investment: A New Dawn for Malaysia’s Poultry Farms

Key Takeaways

• CAB Cakaran’s major investment in Malaysia

• Revamping poultry production and processing

• Strengthening Malaysia’s poultry supply chain

• Partnership with Salim Group for Indonesian market

• Enhancing efficiency and meeting market demands

Investing in the Future

In a bold move that underscores its commitment to the poultry industry, CAB Cakaran Bhd has announced a significant investment aimed at upgrading its poultry farms and food processing facilities. The Malaysian-based company has earmarked a whopping RM40 million (approximately $9.5 million USD) for this initiative within the current fiscal year. This strategic investment is part of CAB Cakaran’s broader vision to revamp its operations and solidify its standing in the market. Group Managing Director Chris Chuah revealed that half of this investment, RM20 million, is allocated for a state-of-the-art food processing facility in Nibong Tebal, setting the stage for enhanced production capabilities and efficiency.

The investment comes at a crucial time when the demand for poultry products continues to rise, not just in Malaysia but globally. CAB Cakaran’s decision to upgrade its facilities signals a proactive approach to meeting this demand, ensuring an adequate supply of chicken in the market. Moreover, this move is seen as a positive development for the Malaysian poultry industry, promising to bring about technological advancements and operational efficiencies that could set new standards in the sector.

Impact on Malaysia’s Poultry Industry

The ramifications of CAB Cakaran’s investment are far-reaching for Malaysia’s poultry industry. By enhancing its production and processing capabilities, CAB Cakaran is not only poised to meet the local and international market demands more effectively but also to improve the overall quality of its products. This investment is expected to lead to the production of more broilers, thereby ensuring a stable and adequate supply of chicken for consumers. The move is also anticipated to generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth within the local communities where these facilities are located.

Furthermore, CAB Cakaran’s initiative is set to catalyze a wave of innovation within the industry. The introduction of more advanced food processing technologies and the adoption of efficient farming practices are likely to inspire other players in the industry to follow suit. This could result in a more competitive and resilient poultry sector in Malaysia, capable of withstanding global market fluctuations and catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers.

Expanding Horizons: CAB Cakaran and the Indonesian Market

Another noteworthy aspect of CAB Cakaran’s strategic plan is its renewed partnership with the Salim Group, aimed at tapping into the Indonesian market. This collaboration is set to restart after the Chinese New Year in February, marking a significant milestone in CAB Cakaran’s regional expansion efforts. The partnership is not only a testament to CAB Cakaran’s ambition to grow beyond Malaysian shores but also highlights the potential for cross-border synergies in the poultry industry.

The Indonesian venture, backed by substantial investment over the next five years, is poised to enhance CAB Cakaran’s footprint in Southeast Asia. By leveraging the Salim Group’s extensive network and resources, CAB Cakaran is well-positioned to capture a sizeable share of the Indonesian poultry market, which is among the largest in the region. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to becoming a leading player in the Asian poultry sector, driving growth and fostering innovation across borders.


CAB Cakaran’s RM40 million investment in upgrading its poultry farms and food processing facilities is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a bold statement of intent. It signals the company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the poultry industry. As CAB Cakaran embarks on this ambitious journey, its impact on Malaysia’s poultry sector and its potential to reshape the regional market dynamics will be closely watched. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and market expansion, CAB Cakaran is setting the stage for a new era in poultry production, one that promises to benefit consumers, the industry, and the economy at large.

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