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Plant-Based and International Cuisine: The New Frontier in Fast Casual Dining

Key Takeaways

• Plant-based dining expansion in the US

• $18M Series B funding for plant-based group

• Fogo de Chão’s growth reflecting international cuisine demand in fast casual dining

• Plant-based and international cuisine shaping fast casual dining trends

The Rise of Plant-Based Dining in the US

The landscape of the fast casual dining sector is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by the rising popularity of plant-based restaurants and international cuisine offerings. Among the forefront of this trend is the plant-based hospitality group PLANTA, which recently announced its ambitious expansion plans into the US market. With new locations opening in Los Angeles, PLANTA aims to bring its elevated plant-based dining experience to a broader audience, capitalizing on the growing consumer interest in healthier and sustainable eating options.

Backing this expansion is a substantial $18M Series B funding round secured earlier this year, showcasing the strong investor confidence in the plant-based dining sector. The funding round, which saw participation from new investors B-Flexion and a fund managed by LionTree, along with renewed commitment from celebrity investor Lewis Hamilton, is set to support PLANTA’s aggressive expansion strategy across major US cities. This comes on the heels of a record performance by the group’s London restaurants, which reported a 20% increase in like-for-like sales in the first quarter of 2023.

Fogo de Chão’s Strategic Expansion Reflects Growing Demand for International Flavors

Parallel to the rise of plant-based dining, there’s a noticeable surge in consumer appetite for international cuisine within the fast casual dining sector. Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão is capitalizing on this trend, announcing its expansion in the Bay Area with a new location set to open in Emeryville, California. This move is part of the brand’s ambitious 15% annual restaurant growth target across the United States, underscoring the increasing demand for diverse and authentic culinary experiences.

Fogo de Chão’s expansion is not just about growing its footprint but also reflects a broader shift in consumer preferences towards international dining experiences that offer a blend of culinary discovery and cultural immersion. The brand’s success and growth strategy highlight the potential for other international cuisine offerings to make significant inroads into the fast casual dining market in the US.

Market Implications and Future Trends

The aggressive expansion of plant-based dining options and the growing consumer interest in international cuisine are reshaping the fast casual dining landscape in the US. These trends not only reflect a shift in consumer preferences towards healthier and more diverse eating options but also signal a broader movement towards sustainability and global culinary exploration. As more consumers seek out dining experiences that align with their values and curiosity, the market is likely to see continued growth in these segments.

For industry stakeholders, the key to capitalizing on these trends will be innovation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of consumer preferences. As the market evolves, restaurants and food service providers that can offer unique, high-quality dining experiences—whether through plant-based menus, international cuisine, or a combination of both—are poised for significant growth and success.

In conclusion, the fast casual dining sector is at a pivotal moment, with plant-based and international cuisine offerings driving much of the industry’s growth. As these trends continue to gain momentum, they will undoubtedly shape the future of dining in the US, offering exciting opportunities for innovation, expansion, and cultural exchange in the years to come.

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