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Expanding Horizons: IHG’s Bold Move to Redefine Luxury Hospitality in Italy

The Key Ideas

• IHG’s expansion in Italy

• Luxury and lifestyle hotels boom

• Impact on Italian luxury travel

• Strategic growth in the European market

Doubling Down in Italy

In a bold move that underscores its optimism about the luxury travel market, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) is set to more than double its presence in Italy. This strategic expansion focuses on luxury and lifestyle brands, signaling a significant shift in the hospitality landscape. With plans to increase its portfolio from four to ten properties, IHG is making a clear statement about the future of luxury travel in Italy. The addition of six new luxury and lifestyle hotels, including Six Senses, InterContinental, and Hotel Indigo, marks a pivotal moment for IHG’s operations in the pivotal European market.

The expansion includes highly anticipated openings in Rome, with the Six Senses and InterContinental Hotels leading the charge. These establishments will join the Hotel Indigo brand in Florence, Turin, and Trieste, alongside a Vignette Collection property in Rome, further cementing IHG’s commitment to sustainable growth across Europe. This ambitious growth plan not only showcases IHG’s confidence in the Italian market but also its dedication to offering unparalleled luxury experiences to travelers.

Strategic Growth in the European Market

The strategic importance of Italy in IHG’s European expansion cannot be overstated. The country’s rich history, culture, and undeniable appeal to luxury travelers make it a key growth market for IHG. By focusing on luxury and lifestyle brands, IHG is tapping into the high-end segment of the travel market, which has shown resilience and growth even in challenging economic times. This move is part of a broader strategy by IHG to strengthen its presence in Europe, a region that continues to attract travelers from around the globe seeking premium hospitality experiences.

The unveiling of the new InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace is particularly noteworthy. Marking the return of the InterContinental luxury brand to the Italian capital after a seven-year hiatus, this property symbolizes the rejuvenation of luxury hospitality in Rome. Additionally, the strategic partnership with Mr & Mrs. Smith amplifies IHG’s luxury and lifestyle collection, offering a unique blend of local charm and global standards of excellence.

Impact on Luxury Travel in Italy

IHG’s expansion is set to have a profound impact on luxury travel within Italy. By introducing properties that blend local culture with the high standards of international hospitality, IHG is poised to redefine the luxury travel experience. The addition of Six Senses, InterContinental, and Hotel Indigo properties not only increases the choices available to travelers but also elevates the standards of luxury and lifestyle hospitality across the country.

This expansion is expected to boost the Italian tourism industry, attracting a new wave of affluent travelers eager to experience the country’s iconic landmarks, cuisine, and culture in unparalleled comfort and style. Moreover, IHG’s commitment to sustainable growth and luxury experiences aligns with the evolving preferences of modern travelers, who increasingly value sustainability, authenticity, and personalized experiences.


IHG’s ambitious expansion in Italy is a testament to the enduring appeal of luxury travel and the strategic importance of the Italian market in the European context. By more than doubling its presence with a focus on luxury and lifestyle brands, IHG is not only enhancing its portfolio but also setting new benchmarks for luxury hospitality. As these new properties open their doors, they will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of Italy’s tourism sector, offering discerning travelers unparalleled experiences that blend luxury with a sense of place.

As IHG cements its footprint in Italy, the future of luxury travel in the country looks brighter than ever. This move reflects a broader trend in the hospitality industry, where luxury and lifestyle brands are increasingly seen as vehicles for growth, innovation, and differentiation. For travelers, this means more choices, richer experiences, and the promise of unforgettable stays in some of Italy’s most beloved destinations.

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