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Global Computer Security Industry Statistics

Computer security, also known as cyber security or IT security, involves protection of computerized information systems, networks and data from damage and theft. It also provides protection from disruption of network services.

Securing networks and computers is a growing market among industry verticals such as banking, financial services, insurance, government, information technology & telecoms, aerospace & defense, retail, and manufacturing and others. Another important part of the market provides personal identity theft protection services and anti-virus software for consumers. The prime objective of cyber security is to ensure confidentiality and protect vital cyber data stored on a system or shared across a network. The computer security industry is progressively expanding to combat increasingly advanced and sophisticated threats.

Computer security solutions help organizations detect, monitor, report and counter cyber threats and maintain the confidentiality of IT systems.

The global computer security market is worth more than $100 billion and is expected to pass $150 billion in a few years at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 10%. Key players in this market include IBM International, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco, Lockheed Martin and McAfee.

Computer Security Key Market Segments

By security type computer security segments include:

Network security – Protection of access to files and directories in a computer network against hacking, misuse and unauthorized changes to the system is a core segment in computer security. An anti-virus system is a type of network security.

Endpoint security – Protection of corporate networks accessed through remote wireless devices. Each device with a remote connecting to a network creates a potential entry point for security threats. Endpoint security technologies are designed to secure all end-points in networks.

Application security – Protection of applications from external threats by adding features or functionalities to software. Application security is critical for mobile app stores as hackers try to attach various kinds of malware to less vetted mobile apps.

Content security – Use of software to manage various conditions under which copyrighted material in digital form can be accessed. One of the biggest advances in content security is the development of digital rights management (DRM) solutions. DRM can prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restricts consumers from copying content from purchased digital material.

Wireless security – Also known as mobile security, this is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to devices using wireless networks. Wireless intrusion prevention systems or wireless intrusion detection systems are the commonly used to implement wireless security policies.

Computer Security Regional Market Shares

The major regions in the computer security market include North America, Europe and Asia. The computer security market is approaching maturity in developed regions – North America and Europe.

North America is the leading revenue contributor in the global computer security market. The USA occupies a significant share of the North American cyber security market, accounting for more than 80%. Rapid adoption of cloud computing, strict enforcement of compliance by the government, and emerging potential cyber threats are driving the market in this region. 

Europe is the second largest market globally. The European cyber security market is worth more than $25 billion and can grow by $10 billion to surpass $35 million by 2020. Increased adoption of cloud computing, data centers, and wireless communication is driving the cyber security market in Europe. Approval of ‘EU Electronic Signature’ and ‘EU Data Protection’ by the European Union will also positively impact growth in the cyber security market in Europe.

Asia is rapidly emerging as a potential market for computer security solution providers. Increasing cyber threats in many Asian countries have led to the launch of new or the updating of existing national cyber security policies. The Asian computer security market accounts for more than 15% of the global market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 15% in the next few years. China, Japan and Indonesia are some of the major Asian cyber security markets.

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